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Getting out and about on an adventure with little ones can be a bit of a faff.  I think its one of the hardest things about weaning – making sure you’ve got snacks to hand, bottles prepared and so forth.

tommee tippee® are keen to make life as easy as possible for you and we’ve been testing out a selection of products designed to make feeding your little one simple and convenient.

The tommee tippee® steri-bottle®

I finished breastfeeding Amy in September and I must admit I still struggling with the routine of getting bottles washed, sterilised and ready to take out with us.  Boobs are so much more portable!  With this in mind tommee tippee® have introduced the steri-bottle® – ready to use with no washing or sterilising required!  Of course this isn’t something you’re going to use every day as it would cost you a fortune but its great to have to hand for an emergency!

The tommee tippee® Travel Bottle and Food Warmer
When I’ve started to wean each of my children I’ve tended to try and give them their food and milk at room temperature so as to avoid faffing about with having to heat things up when we’re out and about.  Chloe did like to have her formula warmed slightly though which could be awkward at times.  As the weather is getting colder I do heat Amy’s meals more now to get her something warm in her tummy.  The Travel Bottle and Food Warmer is essentially a purpose designed flask which will heat anything from bottles to baby food.  I think it’s particularly useful for times when you know you might not have access to hot water to heat things.  It’s quite heavy though so I wouldn’t want to carry it round with me all the time.

The tommee tippee® explora Snack N Go
I never go anywhere without snacks in my bag for Amy – you never know when you’re going to need them!  The tommee tippee® explora Snack N Go is designed in such a way as to let your little one get their snack out but it also stops snacks falling out.  I wasn’t sure what Amy would think of it at first, whether she would actually put her hand in or not but she quickly sussed it out and kept her well occupied during Ben’s assembly!  I’m a big fan of the Snack N Go – it’s lightweight, easy to hold, goes in the dishwasher and doesn’t spill! It’s a winner!

You can see how Amy gets on here:

*Disclaimer – We were sent these items free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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