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Amy has recently started playgroup and I now have two child-free mornings a week!  To make the most of the time I’ve decided to get myself into a bit of a routine and have Tuesday morning as my “cleaning time”.  How perfectly timed, in that case, was a box of goodies from Greener Cleaner.

Greener Cleaner aren’t just about cleaning.  As the name suggests, their focus is on ecologically sound products – which still get the job done.  (You can read more about the science and philosophies behind this here)

With three children and a dog you can imagine that our laminate floor is never completely clean – I’ve found previously that a dustpan and brush can be somewhat lacking, either the rubber edge isn’t flexible enough and you end up sweeping dirt under the pan, or the bristles are too stiff meaning you just seem to either flick the muck about or miss it all together.  I was pleasantly surprised that the bristles on the Greener Cleaner recycled dustpan and brush are lovely and soft meaning the bend and flex to fit my floor and seem to pick up all manner of dirt and dust.  The rubber lip is also soft and flexible so that nothing slips underneath.  The brush clips neatly into the pan meaning they’re always together when you need them.  It’s an all round win!

Although I do love our hard wearing and inarguably practical laminate floor it has a tendency to collect muck in the grooves, particularly in the kitchen where Thomas will come in from the garden with muddy paws.  No amount of sweeping, hoovering or mopping will clear it.  Mopping just seems to drag grubbiness into the grooves making the situation worse.  This job calls for a scrubbing brush to lift the dirt.  Although the bristles are durable enough to withstand some really tough dirt, they’re also soft enough to be gentle on my floor.  This is a big improvement on the scrubbing brushes I’ve used in the past which have just been far too harsh for the job in hand.

We don’t do a lot of washing up in our house, the dishwasher goes on daily leaving only sharp kitchen knives and non stick pans to be hand washed in the sink.  As such, we don’t really have much call for dish washing brushes but it’s fair to say that I think the Greener Cleaner ones we have been sent would be more than up to the toughest of jobs – I particularly like the “scraper” on the pot and pan brush for those really tough jobs.

I’ve been really impressed by the range of Greener Cleaner products we were sent to try and even more so knowing that they’re environmentally friendly as I do tend to feel that efficacy can be a pay off for “going green”.

*Disclaimer – We were sent a selection of Greener Cleaner products free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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