Happy 2nd Birthday Amy Bo x

Last week our little Amy Bo turned two.  Despite being perfectly aware that her second birthday was on the horizon, it seemed to sneak up on me in the end and saw me frantically buying cards and wrapping presents the night before.  Perhaps there was an element of denial there.  How can she be two? 
I had planned to host a birthday party for Amy, unlike Ben and Chloe she didn’t have a party for her first birthday – mainly because we were absolutely skint and also because our house really wasn’t in a fit state for hosting anything at all!  I felt guilty that she hadn’t had the same as the other two and wanted to rectify that for her second birthday.  As things turned out circumstances were against us and along with Dave doing one of these crazy muddle obstacle courses the weekend of her birthday, it actually turned out that a number of very significant people in her life were away and so the idea of a birthday party fell by the wayside. 
Her birthday itself fell on Friday which was fortuitous as it meant that not only was I not at work but it was our swimming day which is always lovely.  As soon as we had dropped the big two off at school we popped into Morrisons to choose the birthday cake which Ben had chosen for her and then took ourselves off up to the Trafford Centre where we had a little potter around John Lewis, bought a sleepy mouse or two (I’ll explain about him another day) and then shared a rather large and extremely delicious piece of cake before we had to go get ready for swimming. 
Watching Amy pottering around the Trafford Centre that morning was such a joy.  She just beamed at everyone she met.  Carrying her little shopping basket with her hands in her pockets, I was acutely aware of how much happiness she was spreading along the way.  The comments people made to us or ones which were overheard all made my heart burst with pride. 
After a really lovely swimming lesson where she worked her little socks off we came home for a snooze before it was time to pick Ben and Chloe up from school and get ready to go out for tea.  We went to our local Beefeater which was a first.  (We’ve been to a Beefeater in the past but for some reason have never made it to the one just down the road.  We’ll definitely be going back if only for the most epic black forest desert!)
Our Saturday was fairly relaxed, the weather wasn’t great and Dave was out doing his obstacle course so we pretty much stayed at home – I got jobs done while the kids played with Amy’s new birthday presents (her new pram was a particular hit!)
The main celebrations for Amy’s birthday (and Granny’s birthday in fact) took place on Sunday when Granny, Grandad and Aunty Nic came to visit.  Regular readers will know that “Ganny” is pretty much Amy’s favourite person in the world so she was beside herself to just be in her company.  We had a lovely Sunday lunch out and it was just so lovely to see my parents and little sister as we’ve not really seen them since our holiday in August.
Watching Amy over the last week or so I feel like her her second birthday flicked a switch and she’s suddenly even more grown up.  Just looking at these pictures from the last year it seems crazy how much she has changed.  She’s still the cutest kid I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for our little Bo! 
Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful girl x 


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