Heat Holders Thermal Leggings – Review

Having recently given away three pairs of Heat Holders socks in my most popular competition so far I can safely say that you are keen on staying warm this winter!!

With gas and electric prices rising quicker than my un-medicated blood pressure and with the press scaremongering about the worst winter since the dawn of time (or something along those lines) we’re all looking at ways to reduce our bills and sticking on another layer seems to be the top option.  Cosy socks, thick jumpers and hot drinks are the order of the day.

When it comes to adding layers Heat Holders leggings are a win – thermal leggings with a soft brushed inside which not only feels lovely but maximises the amount of warm air held close to your skin.  I feel warmer just thinking about them! These 140 Denier leggings are made from an “advanced insulating yarn” to provide high performance insulation against the cold (how fancy does that sound!?)  Stick a pair of these on under your trousers and you’re going to be toasty warm!  (This is the high tech version of wearing your tights under your school trousers – I can’t be the only one who did that?)

*Disclaimer – I was sent a pair of leggings free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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  1. That its dark alot ofthe time and its lush being nice and cozy inside watching the swans on the river, dogs being walked in the park, children playing and people blowing about in the wind.

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