Home or Away

Last week Ben told his childminder that we were going on holiday this year . . . when she asked him where we would be going he replied “The Manchester Beach”.  He’s about right as well!  We won’t be going anywhere on holiday this year, aside from the fact the idea of taking all three smalls anywhere further than my Mum & Dad’s makes my head explode, we will be saving all our pennies for the building work we’re having done on our house.

I can’t say I’m not lusting after a week or two of relaxing in the sun but it’s not the same with small people is it? A friend once said “It’s not a holiday, it’s just looking after the kids somewhere else” and I can see where he’s coming from.  It makes a “Staycation” much more appealing – stick everything in the car and set off to explore what our own beautiful country has to offer.

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