Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway – Review

As you can imagine when the email landed in my inbox offering Ben the opportunity to try out the Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Trackset he was more than a little excited.  I don’t normally tell my children about reviews until the items arrive but this time I decided to show it to him to see if he fancied reviewing it.  The answer was, unsurprisingly, a resounding yes.

Of course in the short time it took for the parcel to arrive he had long forgotten about it.  I allowed him to open the parcel before school one morning which turned out to be a bit of a mistake – he was so excited about coming home and playing with it that he spent all day counting down the hours till home time with his teacher and then got into trouble for talking in assembly . . . yes he was talking about his new Hot Wheels track to whoever he happened to be sat next to at the time!  As a result I told him he couldn’t have it until the next morning and he was absolutely gutted.

The following morning, my turn to have a lie in incidentally, I was woken by lots of screaming, laughing and general noise.  Needless to say I quickly realised that Daddy had helped Ben to set up his track and they were playing with it on the dining room table.

What we love about it: 

* Set up is relatively easy and Ben enjoyed helping to put all the stickers in the right place.
* It’s fast, furious and exciting!

* You can play on your own but it’s definitely more fun with two!
* It connects to other Hot Wheels tracks so you can build all sorts of racing fun into it!

* The pop up element of the characters is good fun and a really visual sign of who won!

* An RRP of £22.99 is a pretty fair price

What we’re not so keen on: 

*Storage isn’t all that easy unless you take it to pieces but I was worried it wouldn’t withstand constantly being taken to bits

* The middle sections are quite flexible which could lead to breakage if you didn’t move it carefully

* It’s noisy when Mummy is trying to have a lie in! (Though that’s as much the excitement as the banging of the toy)

* It’s a shame only one car is included when the whole point is a competition – that said we have a box full of Hot Wheels cars and I’m sure most boys of Ben’s age probably do.

I asked Ben to tell me about his new Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway . . .

*Disclaimer – We were sent this track free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own* 

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3 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway – Review

  1. My little brother adores Hot Wheels and I've found that none of them are particularly easy to store. You'll have a house full of it before you know it! x

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