How to Clean Red Wine Stains from the Carpet?

Red wine stains are contamination that can sometimes be difficult to handle, especially if you did not notice them immediately. Which of you did not happen to experience this trouble at a fun party at the club or during a festive feast? One movement – and the expensive silk blouse seems hopelessly spoiled, and with it your festive mood. 

Glass of red wine spilt on cream carpet

However, do not give up before you have tried the cleaning methods we will tell you about! Wine stains are quite removable. This can be done with cleaning products, or you can go the other way – use affordable traditional home remedies that are at your fingertips. If both options do not help, you can always contact experts, in case the wine stain has appeared on your favorite carpet or sofa. 

Cleaning red wine stains

Fresh red wine stains are very quickly eliminated in a simple but quite aggressive way. It is not suitable for delicate fabrics that are washed at 40 ° C, but it can help save, for example, a linen tablecloth or trousers. You need to pull the fabric over any metal container – a pan, a bowl, and fill the wine stain with boiling water from the kettle until it disappears. To better achieve the goal, you can add a little citric acid or any vinegar to the water. 

• Regular table salt is also an effective way to remove traces of wine. This method is effective only in case the stain is fresh enough. You can use this method for coping with red wine stains that have appeared on your carpet or on your clothes. Take a few tablespoons of salt, add a little cold water to them to make a wet slurry, apply to a cloth and rub well. If the contamination does not disappear instantly, you can repeat the procedure. Salt has the ability to absorb liquids, including wine. After removing the red wine stain, remove salt from the surface of the fabric and wash first with cold water without detergent, then warm with powder.  

• If the stain has already managed to dry out a little, try to make a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide (1 teaspoon each), diluting them in 250 ml of warm water. The combination of ammonia and peroxide helps get rid of a wide variety of stains, from coffee and tea to rust, glue and even burnt iron stains. 

• Removing stains from printed dyed fabrics is somewhat more difficult, since you can only use products that will not discolor the paint. A very good method is to use glycerol and the yolk of the 1st egg in equal parts. Such a composition is applied to clothing, left for 2-2.5 hours, after which it is washed in warm water, best with laundry soap. Despite the abundance of imported detergents in our stores, laundry soap is a useful and sometimes irreplaceable item in the house, so you should always have it at hand. Glycerin equally well helps to cope with stains from tea, coffee, greasy stains. 

• Natural fabrics are very delicate and require a particularly careful attitude. Sometimes you can remove stains from such products with a mixture of wine alcohol and glycerol 1/1. The stain is wiped with a swab, left for up to 2 hours, and then washed with running water. 

How to clean red wine stains from your carpet

Removing stains from wine is a troublesome task, and sometimes you have to try several means until the task is completed. Some clever housewives don’t waste a minute trying to cope with a problem on their own, especially when it comes to carpet or upholstery cleaning. They contact Prolux Cleaning which is the most widely trusted cleaning company throughout London. It has thousands of satisfied customers and have fulfilled tens of thousands perfect carpet cleaning procedures. 


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