Introducing Tengi – The Chat App that Gives Back

I was chatting at work today, with a much younger colleague, about how when I first got a mobile phone, text messages weren’t even a thing – they just didn’t exist on my Orange Everyday 50 contract (remember that!!)  Then at some point in my first year at uni the facility to send text messages became available to me – just ten a day, once your ten was up that was that!  You couldn’t send any more till the following day.

Ever since then I’ve had a bit of a love affair with text communication – generally cheaper, faster and less intrusive than a phone call – texts are just an easy way to stay in touch aren’t they?  I remember once getting into trouble with my Mum (who was paying my phone bill) for going over the “fair usage” limit on my “free text messages” on my phone contract – I’d literally sent hundreds and hundreds through the course of the month.

Fast forward 15 years and text messages aren’t really a thing any more are they?  Now it’s all about messaging apps.  Although I do have unlimited free texts on my mobile contract, I rarely use them.  I much prefer to use a messaging app that allows for group conversations and sharing photos without additional charges.  (I used to get stung paying 50p a time to text a photo of a baby Ben to my Mum – glad that doesn’t happen any more!)

Of course the thing with messaging apps is that other people need to be using them too – otherwise you’re just going to be talking to yourself!  At the moment, my friends and family are all loyal users of Whatsapp – free to download, easy to use and the world & his wife are on there.  It’s a winner and as such is pretty much my “go to” when it comes to messaging people throughout the day.

However . . . there’s a new kid on the block!  Over the coming fortnight, myself and a group nine other bloggers are trying out a new messaging app called Tengi.  Available on both Apple and Android platforms,  it basically performs the same functions as Whatsapp allowing for individual and group chats, you can send attachments and emojis etc.

The big difference though is that Tengi hosts advertising – advertising which just appears in your inbox at will in the form of a message.  You can open the message if it’s of interest to you or you can just ignore it and it will update with a different advert at a later date.

Why the hell would I want to endure advertising on the app I hear you cry?  Well, users of Tengi are entered into a weekly sweepstake to win a percentage of the advertising revenue!  The more you use the app the more chances you have to win.  It’s a no brainer – the opportunity to win money for something you’d be doing anyway?  Incredibly, my friend Donna won a fiver last weekend and having spoken to a few other friends who are already using the app they know of people who’ve had much bigger wins too so it’s true – you really can win cash money just for gossiping with your mates!

The free app is super easy to download and set up – it’s not even a two minute job.  Once you’re up and running you just need to invite all your friends to try it too!  What’s a chat app with nobody to talk to?  For every friend in your phone contacts who joins you will receive bonus tickets for the weekly sweepstake.

If you do fancy giving it a try, please use the code BLOG in the voucher code section just so they know we sent you!

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  1. May 4, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    I'm loving using this new app and talking to all my favourite people on it x

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