JORD Wooden Watch – Review

The other day we got a large cube shaped package delivered to our house.  This in itself is nothing new.  Our house is a miniature Parcel Force depot most days of the week!  On this occasion though the package felt….. interesting.  I was intrigued.  When Colette opened the package it revealed a large wooden box.  Even more intriguing!  Inside the box was a Jord watch!  A blinking wooden watch!  Well, it wasn’t literally blinking, but Colette won’t let me swear on here so I’m sticking with blinking as an adjective!  A wooden watch is something you don’t see every day.  I have never seen one.  It looks cool.

Colette had ordered a unisex JORD Frankie series watch for herself but as luck would have it, the face was a bit big for her wrist (as I kept telling her!) meaning she eventually, and grudgingly, passed it to me.  Hand-me-downs are sometimes ace!  Now as Colette had ordered it for herself she’d ordered the Dark Sandalwood & Smoke colour way.  This has the potential to look a bit girly on a big burly man’s wrist, but luckily I’m in touch with my feminine side and I can rock a bit of rose gold.  It matches my hair.  And before you say ‘What’s left of it Dave!’ I mean my beard!

Jord Watch - Smoke and Sandalwood

Now you can order your watch pre-adjusted to fit, however even though Colette used the guide to decide what size she needed, when it arrived it was very loose on her wrist and it was even a bit big when I got it.  I removed one of the links and now it fits well.  Not perfectly.  My wrist is unfortunately between links which means it is a little loose but it’s always better to be a little bigger than smaller.

The JORD Frankie watch has a large face which is very much the fashion nowadays.  It’s not an overly fussy face.  There’s no extra dials to complicate the aesthetic.  There’s just the one knob on the side to set the time.  The face is gleaming and polished like a mirror meaning you can see the reflection of the hands moving, and the raised roman numerals around the outside of the face, in the lip on the inside of the face.  This is something which I’m not sure anyone else would care about, but I really liked it and spent at least five minutes staring at the reflections from different angles.  Maybe it was more like ten minutes.  I should have timed myself really.  The equipment was right there.

Jord Watch on Daddy's wrist

As I mentioned before, the colour way that Colette ordered has rose gold detailing, but against the dark wood of the strap and body of the watch I think the details look a bit copperish (much like me) and the contrast really makes the face stand out.  It looks striking.  No bad thing.  So the looks are a win for me.  The oddity of it being made from wood doesn’t end with the aesthetic though.  The other thing you will notice is it’s astoundingly light!  If you’re used to metal watches, as I am, then this will take a little while to become the norm but it does.

JORD provide you with care instructions.  The watch is splash proof but not waterproof and you have to be careful of sudden changes in temperature as this can make the wood swell or contract.  Possibly damaging the wood or the mechanisms.  I don’t envisage the temperature changes being much of a problem in this country but if you lived somewhere really cold then maybe this wouldn’t be the greatest.  The non-waterproofing will have to be managed as rain is a constant threat living in Manchester.  It’s recommended that you treat the wooden parts every six months with a finishing oil.

Happy child and Jord watch

So I’ve got a handsome timepiece but a slightly miffed missus.  At least she gets to tell people she got it for me, which means she’s got good taste.  We’re both winners really.

*We were sent the JORD watch free of charge for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are Dave’s own*

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  1. February 17, 2017 / 2:03 pm

    That watch is gorgeous! Also – love a man in a suit! It goes well with business dress x

    • daveburgess
      February 17, 2017 / 9:36 pm

      Thanks Donna. I too love a suit. That’s just a smart jacket though. The pictures are too zoomed in to show it properly.

    • daveburgess
      February 17, 2017 / 9:34 pm

      It’s had nothing but positive responses from everyone who’s seen it. It’s a winner.

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