Justin & Friends: Mr Tumble’s Circus is coming to town

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I’ve talked before about the fact we are big fans of Cbeebies in our house – Ben and Chloe have both watched Cbeebies for a number of years now and both have their favourites.  When they were younger they really enjoyed watching Justin in Something Special, as they’ve grown up the shows in which Justin appears have grown with them.  For quite some time Ben was keen to appear in the audience of Justin’s House and now they both find Gigglebiz thoroughly entertaining (and have recently been singing a lot about tights – something to do with the Robin Hood sketch I believe!)

Despite being devout Cbeebies fans we have yet to experience a CBeebies Live show so I was excited to find out that Mr Tumble’s Circus is on tour this Easter and will be in Manchester on Tuesday 14th April.  (You can check dates and book tickets here: http://www.cbeebieslive.com)

Alongside Justin himself, the Circus will see appearances from favourites such as Arthur Sleep, Keith Fitt, Robert Robot and Aunt Polly – so whether your child loves Something Special or Gigglebiz they’re sure to see their favourite up on stage.  Showing off their circus skills will be talented unicylists Sam and Lucas.  (Chloe experienced a man on a “Unicorn Bicycle” at school the other week and thought it was amazing!)


If you’re looking for a special treat for your little ones this Easter then Mr Tumble’s Circus is definitely worth considering!  (You can check out the facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/CBeebieslive)


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