Lamaze Bella the Bunny and Hide & Seek book – Review

We have been huge fans of Lamaze for almost 5 years now and have quite a collection including Jacques the Peacock, Logan the Lion, Mortimer Moose and the Totem Pole Stacker to name just  a few.  I was really excited when I was offered the opportunity to review some of the new offerings from Lamaze with Amy.  We were sent Lamaze Bella the Bunny and the Bella the Bunny Hide and Seek Book – my first thought was how appropriate these were for Spring and that they would make lovely Easter gifts for little ones who are too young for chocolate eggs!

Lamaze Bella the Bunny Hide and Seek Book

The book is suitable from 0+ and features the very cute Bella the Bunny and “peek-a-boo” holes for her to pop through and surprise you.  Of course Amy is far too young to manage this herself but Ben and Chloe have really enjoyed popping the bunny in and out of the holes to entertain themselves nevermind their little sister!  The colours are bright and eye catching with lots of fabulous textures for Amy to grab and explore. As is common with Lamaze toys there is also a clip to attach to your pushchair, car seat, changing bag – pretty much anywhere you like!  I can see this book becoming a firm favourite as Amy becomes more capable of exploring the pages.

Lamaze Bella the Bunny

Lamaze Bella the Bunny

Both Amy and I LOVE this toy!  The thing that I love most is that it’s lightweight – it’s much lighter than other Lamaze toys so even though she’s only young Amy is able to hold onto it herself.  She loves to grab the floppy ears which are made from lots of gorgeous textured fabrics – and of course she aims them straight for her mouth!  There’s a mix of bright colours and high contrast patterns giving Amy plenty to look at.  The carrot mirror often catches her eye as it moves and reflects the light while she’s playing with it. Again Bella the Bunny comes with the usual Lamaze link to fasten her safely onto the pram or car seat – at the moment she’s our first choice toy for taking out and about so this is really useful!

Lamaze Bella the Bunny

Safe to say the latest releases from Lamaze have not disappointed.  Bella is one of Amy’s favourite toys now and we can’t recommend it highly enough.  (Funnily enough her other favourite is also a Lamaze!) Lamaze toys are great quality and really do last so are worth the investment – lots of ours are on their third owner now as they’ve been handed down from Ben to Chloe and now to Amy!

We're going on an adventure

*We were sent these Lamaze toys free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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31 thoughts on “Lamaze Bella the Bunny and Hide & Seek book – Review

  1. I adore Lamaze! We had so many products from them for the boys. You can guarantee they'll be just fabulous! #triedtested

  2. I love Lamaze toys – we still have our faithful Captain Calamari clipped to the buggy… This looks great for little babies, will check it out if we ever have another! 🙂

  3. When mine was a baby one of the best things he had was a fabric book, they're brilliant, he loved it. I love that this one has a fluffy bunny with it as well.

  4. It's great to have toys that are light so they can hold on to them when they're tiny. We love Lamaze too – I was sad when Captain Calamari was finally outgrown! Great photos too! #TriedTested

  5. I love Lamaze toys, I bought quite a few for my granddaughter when she was born, she stills plays with some now. They are really well made and so colourful, the ones in your review look great too,

  6. Good quality is important, the clip for securing product to pram etc :- Practical and convenient. Love the look of the toy and book. Amy does seem delighted with her toy. She will likely have lots of fun with the book, once she has grown and developed a bit more. Nice that her siblings are quite taken with the book, and willing to share, it can be fun for the children to interact and share experiences with their toys and books. Thanks for the review.

    Rachel Craig

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