Legoland Discovery Centre – Review

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to visit Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester. This wasn’t our first visit but  the last time we went was back in July last year when Chloe had only just turned one and wasn’t even walking!  We knew we would be in for a different experience this time!

As ever we hadn’t told Ben and Chloe where we were going, just that we were “going on an adventure” and that it was somewhere they had been before but not for a long time.  We arrived at Barton Square and parked up with no problems whatsoever. It took Ben till we were almost walking through the door to realise where we were actually going!  Cue much excitement!

There was no queue and we walked straight in to be greeted by an enormous Lego Buzz Lightyear where we were offered the opportunity to have our photograph taken with Buzz, we politely declined but I was surprised to hear that the price of purchasing those photographs started from around £9 – I don’t know about you but that seems an awful lot to me! I must add though that we were in no way pressured to take up that opportunity.

We were met by Professor Block in the Lego Factory where she explained the process of making Lego. Ben was excited to be chosen to help press the buttons!  Each child was given their souvenir Lego block in a special bag.

After the Lego Factory we were able to take a ride on a small train and shoot at Lego baddies – Chloe and I had miss this last time because she was so little. I thought she’d be a bit scared by the dark etc but she really enjoyed the experience.Much as Dave and I were enthralled by the Miniland attraction it didn’t really hold Ben and Chloe’s attention for long – they were keen to push forward and see what they could discover next.  I think they are both too young to appreciate the hard work or recognise the landmarks.
Both children were really excited by the pits of Lego and despite the clear signs saying you really must keep your shoes on both insisted on removing them.  I suppose this shows they’ve spent plenty of time in soft play and ball pits where you would normally be asked to remove your shoes! Chloe just couldn’t seem to understand that they Lego was going to hurt her feet when she stood on it so I gave in and let her take them off. I think she actually enjoyed the feel of it on her toes but she quickly realised it was better to stay sat down! They were really well occupied and spent quite a while building on the plates on the sides.
Ben suddenly spotted the soft play area and was off like a rocket – we had to shout him back to wait for Chloe! He was given strict instructions to keep an eye on her as we couldn’t see much of the area from the outside which made it really difficult to keep an eye on her.   As we always do when we go to soft play we told them where we were and then just stayed in one place so they could find us if we were needed.  Chloe coped surprisingly well with the obstacles and only need a little help to get herself up to the side (Daddy was happy to oblige)
Both children would have stayed in the soft play area for the rest of the afternoon if we had let them!  We took them out to be able to go and watch the next showing of the 4D film.  Ben remembered this experience from our last visit!  He was happy to wear his glasses and really enjoyed the film.  Chloe wasn’t so keen on her glass but was still really entertained and sat beautifully (albeit with Mummy holding her chair down as it kept trying to fold up with her on it!)
As Ben is bigger now he was able to have a go at driving his own Lego car around a track – he thought it was fantastic and I have to admit Dave and I were both impressed with how he handled his car (that isn’t to say there weren’t several crashes!)
Once we’d finished watching Ben drive his car we joined a short queue for the Merlin ride – again I thought Chloe might be a bit nervous of this one as you can go high up but this is actually controlled by your own peddling so if she had been bothered I would have just kept her low to the ground. Both children really enjoyed it and it made me think a little theme park trip might be worth planning in for next year!

Much like our last visit both children really enjoyed playing with the large foam Duplo bricks – Ben wanted to build a large tower.  They would have played for much longer but Chloe was getting tired (as was Mummy to be fair) and we hadn’t planned to eat out on this occasion (I wish we had really as the cafe is very reasonably priced).

All in all our visit lasted for just over 2 hours but if we had chosen to eat on site we could easily have stayed for considerably longer as both children would have been happy to return to the soft play area or carry on building – of course the longer you stay the better value your entrance fee becomes!

Ben is keen to plan a return visit with his best friend so I guess that says it all really!

*Disclaimer – We were given tickets for free entry to Legoland Discovery Centre for the purpose of review but all thoughts and opinions are our own* 

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  1. October 14, 2013 / 1:19 pm

    We went years ago and it does sound like it has come on a lot – either that I've forgotten about all this stuff. We love Lego.

  2. October 15, 2013 / 7:20 am

    Looks like a fun day out! We love it there and love the Duplo area too, can't wait for our next visit!

  3. November 1, 2013 / 10:29 pm

    This looks like such a great day out – we have never been. Thanks for the review, it's somewhere we would definitely look to go x

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