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I’ve always appreciated quality (read expensive) skincare and cosmetics.  Before I had Ben I wouldn’t have thought twice about splashing out on regular treats from MAC or Clarins.  But then maternity pay hit and those luxuries become less affordable.  Of course now that I’m a mum of three it’s not just justifying the expense but its hard to find the time to luxuriate in a lovely skin care routine or putting on a full face of make up.

What a treat to be offered the opportunity to review Marini Holiday Exfoliator – “a clinical-strength resurfacer that immediately refines skin texture and follicle size and leaves the skin with a radiant polished glow

Marni Holiday Exfoliator - Marini Holiday Exfoliator

I was really excited to open the packaging, I think when you’re buying an expensive product the packaging is important.  I want it to feel nice, to be a satisfying weight in my hand and for the lid to fasten effortlessly.  These little things make a really big difference when it comes to your experience of using a product and the Marni Holiday Exfoliator doesn’t disappoint on this front.

facial exfoliator - Marini Holiday Exfoliator

The Exfoliator itself smells gorgeous, it is described as having a “delicious sugar cookie scent” and I have to admit I was nervous it might be a strong, sickly smell but it’s not at all.  Just a gentle, pleasant biscuity smell on application, it’s not a long lasting scent at all.

Reading the instructions for application I was a bit nervous as it said it might tingle – I didn’t think that sounded particularly gentle so I gave it try on my hand first.  You can see just how fine the grains are – there’s nothing harsh or abrasive about this exfoliator.  I was really impressed with the effect on my hand so got right on with slapping it on my face!

testing exfoliator on hand - Marini Holiday Exfoliator

The product spreads easily – it isn’t too thick, nor too scratchy (though if you pause to take a selfie it does dry and go a bit crunchy!)  It washes off easily, going all sort of silky as you add water, leaving your face feeling so soft and smooth.  I couldn’t stop touching my skin afterwards.

face scrub selfies

I’m not sure you can really see the difference in the photos but I promise you my skin feels gorgeous.  My moisturiser and make up went on like a dream.

As I sat down to write this review tonight I asked Dave if he could tell which of my hands I had used the scrub on and he was immediately able to tell the difference in the texture of the skin on the back of my hands.

This is a really gorgeous facial exfoliator and well worth the £40 price tag.  (It even comes in a “holiday” themed box at the moment making it a great Christmas present!)

*Disclaimer – I was sent this product free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

7 thoughts on “Marini Holiday Exfoliator – Review

  1. That exfoliator sounds good enough to eat! I love a good face mask or exfoliator but very rarely seem to find the times these days. I guess the only upside to that is that is that when i finally get round to it I feel really pampered. Great post x

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