Medela Breast Care Set – Review

The Medela Breast Care Set is ideal for new Mums who are just getting started on their breastfeeding journey.  Its the perfect size for popping in your hospital bag or changing bag and making sure you’ve got everything to hand.

What do you get? 
* A lovely bright yellow bag
* 15 disposable breast pads
* 1 PureLan 7g
* 2 Hydrogel Pads

What I love about it: 
* The bag is a really handy size for your hospital bag or changing bag (and would make a useful make bag later on)
* PureLan cares for sore and sensitive nipples – this is a great handy sized tube for when you’re out and about
* The Hydrogel pads are great for soothing hot and engorged breasts (it comes to us all at some point)
* Although the 15 breast pads wouldn’t last very long you can obviously refill your kit
* The breast pads are individually wrapped for hygiene

What I’m not so keen on:
* It’s a real shame the hydrogel pads are only single use (tho I realise this is because they are sterile)
* 15 seems a strange choice for a number of breast pads – pretty sure most people use them in pairs!!

I think the Medela Breast Care Set is quite expensive (currently £14.99 on Amazon) but would make a lovely gift for a Mum who is new to breastfeeding.

*Disclaimer – I was sent the Medela Breast Care Set free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts an opinions are my own* 

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