Melissa Bolona Stars In Malicious Directed By Michael Winnick

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The arrival of 2017 is sure to bring a variety of new movies into the box office.  Much anticipated is the horror movie Malicious, staring Melissa Bolona.  Known for her performances in Shark Lake and The Neighbor, Bolona will be portraying one of the major characters in this supernatural horror film.  Melissa Bolona

Playing on fear of the unknown and the love of a good ghost story, Malicious is set in a haunted house belonging to Becky, Melissa Bolona’s character.  When Becky’s pregnant sister, Lisa, and Lisa’s husband, Adam, suffer a trauma, the couple takes up residence at the house.  Through some sort of accident, because no one would actually provoke a malicious spirit on purpose, Adam and Lisa unleash a supernatural entity that has been tied to the house.
The entity is not one to be trifled with and will pose a serious threat to our main characters.

The movie promises a classic para-normal haunt with potential for unique plot twists, though not much is known about the film or the evil entity in question. It is unclear as of yet as to who evokes the evil spirit, or how Melisa Bolona’s character, Becky, is connected to the entity, though we do know that the connection exists. The fact that Lisa is expecting a child brings potential for new plot twists as folklore often describes malicious spirits targeting babies and expectant mothers. At this point, we aren’t sure whether this spirit is a ghost, demon, or something else all-together.  We do know that the couple recruits Dr. Clark, a parapsychologist played by Delroy Lindo, for some professional help in the matter.

The film is set to air in June, 2017 and is currently in post-production with a trailer due in the upcoming months.


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