Me & Mine – October 2017

I must admit I’m pretty pleased to see the end of October – mainly as it means half term is finally here for us and we can kick back and relax a bit!  The first half term has been long and Amy was really feeling the effects in the last couple of weeks.  Slower starts and some time at home are on the cards and very much needed!

This month’s photos were taken on a walk in Hagg Wood near Dunnington, York.  We enjoyed a bit of a muddy stomp around with Granny, Aunty Nic and Tilly before heading home for an enormous Sunday roast!

Me & Mine October 2017

Dave is loving

* His new Samsung Galaxy S8 plus
* Going to see Pete Rock & CL Smooth (though he doesn’t actually remember most of it!)
* The BBC iplayer radio app finally being fully compatible with Android Auto
* Blade Runner 2049
* Setting up Amy’s new tablet for her and how excited she was that he’d set the wallpaper to be a cow!

Colette is loving

*  Photoshoots & afternoon tea with some of my favourite bloggers
* Being ridiculous with Kirst
* All the wedding excitement and tears
* New boots that actually fasten up my legs
* New glasses that make everything clean and sparkly and don’t make me feel sick!

Ben is loving

* Starting a new swimming club
* Climbing – gates, fences, furniture . . . you name it
* Always being right . . .
* Watching things his little sisters aren’t allowed to
* Singing along to Ed Sheeran

Chloe is loving

* Ariana Grande – One Last Time 
* Her new leopard print ear muffs
* Her first sleepover at Mich’s house
* Singing loudly to the Trolls soundtrack in Daddy’s car
* Writing letters, prayers, stories, messages . . . anything that involves putting pencil to paper!

Amy is loving

* Being 4 (sort of)
* Her first sleepover at Mich’s house
* Singing in the car (especially to Queen’s We Will Rock You
* Having her nails painted for the first time
* Disney on Ice

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  1. November 1, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    Ah I love these photos they are so happy, I never get the chance to get pics of the 4 of us anymore which is such a shame, I must say I was so ready for half term but have hardly seen Joe! And yes afternoon tea was fab such a lovely day x

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