Mooshka: Myra’s Birthday Surprise app – Review

A while back I was introduced to Mooshka dolls thanks to a review from the lovely Red Rose Mummy and her daughter.  At the time I was completely drawn to their cute faces and bright colours but I also loved the idea of the story behind them . . . paper doll best friends who held hands and transformed into little girls . . . too cute.

Ben has recently just got a tablet for his birthday and Chloe is certainly showing a lot of interest in it!  Whilst I’m not about to start adding apps to Ben’s tablet for Chloe I was interested to hear about the free Mooshka app so downloaded it to have a sneaky peek.

There’s two versions of the app – Myra’s Birthday or Myra’s Birthday special edition – which is a huge 159Mb compared to the 26Mb standard version.

The app tells the story of Myra’s birthday with the option to read it yourself or have it read to you – I loved the way the pages “turned” making it feel more like a real book.

At the end of the story is a simple matching pairs game (the special edition gives a jigsaw with 6 or 12 piece options)

The music and voices are all very sweet – perhaps overly so, I think I would have to get Chloe to use ear phones or it would drive me crackers.  (That’s not to say it wouldn’t be entirely appealing to its target audience, just not this grumpy old Mummy!)

At present the app provides just one story and game and so wouldn’t really hold your attention for long however I did wonder if this would be something which would be updated later on and really it’s FREE so you can’t complain!

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or iTunes

*Disclosure – I was asked to write about this free app in exchange for a doll however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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