Our Family – August 2019

As you’d expect, August has been a flurry of sunshine, ice cream and days out with friends – as well as a week at Nana’s for the kids and the best part of a week in Italy for Dave and I – as such there’s not loads of family photos but . . .

Dave is loving

* The revival of Italian Dave
* Ben’s first Sportive
* Poretti (all day long)
* Two weeks off work
* The new router!

Colette is loving

* Fun week Italia
* Quality time with my best friend
* Shirt dresses
* London adventures with my big two and Granny
* Sunny adventures

Ben is loving

* Warner Brother’s Studio Tour & Harry Potter in general!
* Successfully completing his first Sportive
* Raising over £600 for Diabetes UK
* A lot of time on the Xbox
* A week at Nana’s

Chloe is loving

* Harry Potter and The Warner Brother’s Studio Tour
* Eating her own homegrown tomatoes
* Her first ever riding lesson
* A week at Nana’s
* Lie ins

Amy is loving

* Watching The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
* Ice lollies
* Summer catch ups with friends
* A week at Nana’s


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