Personal Planner Review

I’ve said before that I’m a lover of lists – it’s no secret. I like to feel organised, have a plan and know where things stand.  Is there anything more satisfying than crossing things off a list?  I get this from my Mum – she’s always writing lists – Dave on the other hand can’t stand them! I have shopping lists, lists of jobs that need doing around the house, wish lists, present lists, lists of things I need to do for my blog . . .

I’ve recently seen quite a few of my favourite blogs reviewing planners from and they were on my list of things to investigate further.  I’m sure you can imagine therefore that I was super excited to be offer the chance to review one myself!

I was really excited exploring the website and took my time working through different options to make sure the planner really suited my needs.

The website is easy to use – you work your way through the options personalising your planner to suit your needs.

What I love: 

* You can personalise the front cover with your own words, photograph or choice of pattern and colour – I had planned to use photograph but couldn’t decide on just one!

* You can personalise the inside over with personal details in case the planner gets lost

* The 12 month planner can start with the month of your choice (mine starts in January just because I already had diary for this year)

* You can choose from 4 different sizes of planner so whether you want it for your handbag or your desk there’s going to be one to suit you (they also do notebooks too!)

* The paper feels nice! Its good quality, heavy paper which is nice to write on (I HATE naff paper)

* You can choose which years to have for your overview at the back (eg current and next year or the
next two years)

* It has a clever elastic to hold your planner closed – which means you can shove extra bits of paper in and also that it won’t get squashed in your bag

* There’s a plastic pocket for bits of receipts and such like

* You can add personal dates before it’s printed eg birthdays which are then saved on your profile for the following year!

* You can choose the colour scheme for the inside of your planner (how cute are the little birds on mine?)

* You can alter the pages to suit your needs – add sections for “to do lists” (which I chose lots of), add appointment times, lines and so on – I spent AGES choosing this bit!

* The back pages can include an address section, maps, musical score or even a colouring section – I chose to have colour pages! (Yes I’m a child)

What I wasn’t so keen on

* Literally the only thing that niggles me is that the dates you have preprinted are really small and I think I’d be at risk of missing them if I was only just flicking through – it would be good to be able to alter the font size.

*Disclaimer – I was sent a Personal Planner free of charge for the purposes of review- all thoughts and opinions are my own* 


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