All I want for Christmas is Hue!

*This post is in collaboration with Philips Hue*  Regular readers will know that Dave is a bit of a tech geek so when I decided I wanted to introduce some lighting to our dark and dingy living room, he took the bull by the horns and did his research. I was planning on going pretty basic and just adding some white bulbs into the main lighting for daytime and warmer bulbs in lamps for a cosier feel of an evening but once we started looking into it a bit more, we realised that the Phillips Hue system was going to be the answer for us Getting started with Philips Hue Our starting point was a Philips ‘White Ambience Starter kit’ which provided us with three White  Ambiance bulbs, a bridge (this is the bit that allows the Philips Hue app to talk to the bulbs) and a wireless dimmer switch.  We … Continue reading All I want for Christmas is Hue!