Potty Training with Asda Little Angels Nappies – Review

Back at the end of July, I spent a lovely luxurious afternoon in Leeds at Oulton Hall with the team from Asda’s Little Angel’s nappies.  The idea being that they could introduce us to their wide range of products whilst treating us at the same time.  It was a winner!

With three children fairly close in age, we have had over seven consecutive years of nappy use (I don’t even want to think about how much money we’ve spent).  When Ben was tiny we tried out quite a few different brands but always went back to the leading brand – they just seemed to do the job better and yes they might have cost us a bit more but they fit him comfortably and they didn’t leak – and that alone was worth a couple of extra pennies on the cost of each nappy.  When it came to buying nappies for the girls I don’t think we really investigated other options – I seem to remember winning some nappies but being glad I could go back to my normal brand once they’d run out and we did try a bit of cloth with Amy but the change in routines just didn’t work for us.  We were stuck in something of a nappy rut really – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I guess.

With all three children, as they were moving onto wearing training pants we tended to move to supermarket brands as they were just so much cheaper and when they were only being worn at night or for car journeys etc they didn’t seem to be so important.

When it came to investigating the ASDA Little Angel’s range I was genuinely surprised to see how soft they are (softer than the leading brand in fact!) and even more surprised by how vast the range is – from birth through to Size 6+  are determined to cater for all your nappy needs!

As it is, we are nearing the end of our nappy journey – literally two weeks after my meeting with the Little Angels team, Amy decided it was high time that she started potty training and I’m pleased to say she cracked it incredibly quickly.  We are now using ASDA Little Angels Potty Training Pants to cover us for sleeps and car journeys.  What I love about the Potty Training Pants is that they are designed specifically to help your little ones get dry so they allow them to feel that damp sensation – whilst still avoiding leaks – which I think is really helpful for getting Amy dry at night.  I’m in no rush to stop Amy wearing her Potty Training Pants at night, it will happen when it happens.

*Thanks to ASDA Little Angels for inviting me to enjoy such a lovely spa day and providing us with Little Angels nappies to try out!*


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