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Has tennis fever hit your house?  I must admit I’ve somehow managed to avoid most of the Wimbledon coverage this year, preferring to focus my viewing time on the quality programming like *ahem* Love Island . . . I’ve never been all that into tennis, or sport in general for that matter.

As Wimbledon reaches it’s climax this coming weekend I thought it would be fun to share some of the statistics that First Utility have come up with relating to the tournament’s energy consumption and comparing this to our every day domestic appliances . . .

Whilst some of us prefer to focus our attention on Pimms and strawberry cream teas, the players on court are expending thousands of calories – in fact both men’s finalists combined will use up around 2174 calories on average which equates to an energy output of 2.53kWh . . . now I know that sounds a lot but it’s hard to imagine what it really means.

1 women’s final could power your smart phone for a whole year!

I’m not sure my smart phone use is necessary “average” – being a blogger it’s basically glued to my hand at all times!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if your phone could harness kinetic energy just didn’t to be plugged in any more!

30 year’s worth of men’s finals could power your house for a week!

30 years is a jolly long time, perhaps we’d have to get them to play consecutive matches to really benefit from the power on that one!  It’s crazy though, the amount of energy used up on court in one men’s final match being equal to just less than half a day’s power for your home!

One entire singles tournament could power your average tea drinker for a year!  

Honestly, what a very British statistic!  I’m not a tea drinker myself but the kettle is always on in my parents’ house!

I don’t know about you but I don’t often consider how much energy the appliances in my house are using – I switch them on, I use them, I pay my bill.  The point behind these seemingly random statistics is that First Utility are keen to educate their customers on their daily usage with “My Energy” which gives customers a personalised breakdown on what they use, when they use it and crucially how much it costs.  This information combined with searching out cheaper energy bills can only be a positive thing for the consumer!

Photo Credit: Imahinasyon Photography Flickr via Compfight cc


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