Road Trips and Backseat Bedtimes with Vauxhall

As a family we do spend a lot of time in the car.  From an early age Ben and Chloe both endured a daily 80 mile commute to Leeds.  What on earth possessed me?  Along with regular trips to York to visit family we have also managed road trips to Dover, Swansea, Snowdonia and even France with plans to travel up to Nothumberland at Easter.

All three kids cope relatively well with long car journeys.  We plan in regular toilet stops and will usually include a meal break in there too for a longer rest.  (We used to keep a regular supply of snacks in the car too but when we got our new car earlier this year Ben instigated the rule of “no food in the car” so that might be interesting!)  They often sleep, though of course as they get older this becomes less and less likely.  The introduction of a portable DVD player and more recently tablets for the big two has made a big difference.  That said we do save these for the longer journeys as more of a last resort rather than as an immediate knee jerk reaction to getting in the car.

As a child I remember a very long drive to the South of France which we got through with the help of a Winnie the Pooh story cassette (!) on repeat.  My parents must have been going insane!  These days headphones are something of a saviour and we don’t have to suffer the same torture!

Recently Vauxhall have teamed up with Edith Bowman to record a series of popular children’s stories by author Tracey Corderoy. “Backseat Bedtime” was launched to support parents on long car journeys over Christmas (yes it has taken me that long to write about it, I hang my head in shame) but of course the premise works all year round.

They sent us a fab selection of goodies to ease the pain of Winter road trips including a teddy bear, hot water bottle, blanket and the Backseat Bedtime recordings which the kids thought was fantastic (and may well have argued over who was going to have each piece!)

Thanks for making road trips slightly less painful Vauxhaull!

*Disclaimer – Vauxhaull sent us a package of goodies as a thank you for writing about the stories.  All thoughts and opinions remain our own*


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