Rockface for Men – Review

I’m handing over to Dave for this one for obvious reasons . . . 

Rockface for Men
Rockface for Men

Male grooming is all the rage these days.  It seems like you can’t turn round without bumping into a plucked, preened perma-tanned you man with a well coiffed quiff.  The term metro-sexual was coined to describe a chap who spends as long getting ready to go out as his girlfriend/wife does.  To facilitate this trend to wards the body beautiful there are a million and one products whose mission it is to help you look gorgeous.  Whilst lightening your wallet.

I’m no stranger to moisturising and scrubbing myself.  I even went through a stage of waxing.  Not my eyebrows as you might expect (they’re near invisible) but my cheeks would you believe it.  The ones on my face, not my arse!  As you might imagine this was quite a while ago, when I still had time to spend on myself and money to spend on such products.

I’d forgotten about Colette saying there were some grooming products coming for me to try.  So when she handed me a large box one day I thought she was kicking me out!  Luckily though it contained a large selection of lotions and potions for me to try.  My good box contained:

Quite a haul I’m sure you’ll agree.  All of these products are from Rockface.  They all share the same white and greeny/grey packaging with a mountain range along the bottom of each product.  Obviously this stuff is made for real men who moisturise at the summit of K2!  We’ve all been in that position I’m sure.  I quite like the logos and the overall aesthetic of the brand.  So I’ve pampered and preened myself relentlessly for weeks.  It’s a tough life sometimes.
I started with the face and body scrub and that shower gel.  I tend to get spots and lumps and bumps on my upper arms / shoulders and the side of my chest under my armpits.  The scrub has sorted these blemishes out and given me skin fit for a baby  (Amy is most jealous).  I also use the scrub on  my face which has helped with blackheads around my hose.  As its for your face as well as your body its not as abrasive as some scrubs I’ve used but it does the job.
The shower gel is shower gel to be honest.  It smells nice.  It washes you.  I’m not sure what else to say about shower gel really.
The antiperspirant again smells nice and it actually stops me sweating which isn’t always a given for me with deodorants.
The active body spray isn’t for me.  It smells nice, the same as the antiperspirant, but I sweated quite freely which rules it out for me.  If you’re not a sweaty person though it might be right for you as clogging your sweat ducts up with aluminium (which is how antiperspirants work) isn’t the ideal solution.
The moisturiser is nice.  Smooth feeling and soaks in quickly.  Its a looser cream than I’m used to but that probably aids the quick absorption.

Now I don’t usually wet shave but for the purpose of this review I’ve given it a go.  The shave gel is decent.  Foams up nicely in the hand and lasts well before it disappears.The after shave balm is very good.  I’ve used balms before and they’ve always left my skin feeling and looking greasy.  Not so here.  This left my skin feeling cool and dry.  A welcome change.I have never used a shave butter in my life.  I don’t know what I was expecting when I first used the product but its a slightly thicker cream.  Apparently you use it before and after shaving.  However I found that I just used it after shaving in the same was as the balm.  Very good absorption and no residues or oily skin.That’s the lot.  All tested by me.  I’m now more pampered and moisturised that I’ve ever been before in my life.  Now just point me in the direction of the nearest spray tannery and I’m off to climb a mountain.  I’m unfortunately about 5 years too late for a quiff though.  If I tried it now there’d be more than a hint of “comb over” going on.  No amount of toiletries can save you from that social suicide.

*Disclaimer – We were sent a range of Rockface items for Dave to try out free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are his own!*

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  1. Super impressed you included photos. I struggle to get my husband in normal photos lol. I'll let him know about the review as he is partial to a bit of make beauty 😉

  2. I'd give them to my hubs. I'm always buying him moisturiser – he has one for the bathroom, one for the gym and one to lose around the house in annoying places. This review cracked me up – moisturising on a mountain, and thinking you'd been kicked out when you received the box, ha ha!

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