Siblings – August 2018

So I may have missed our Siblings post in July – we were in Tenerife and I forgot to schedule it ahead of time!  Whoops.

It’s now the middle of the fourth week of the summer holidays, and in fact our fifth week off school together as we snuck out for the last few days of term to take our trip to Holiday Village Tenerife.  Much as we’re all loving the more relaxed pace and some quality time together, I think it’s fair to say that the cracks are starting to show!  There’s a whole lot more bickering from the kids and a whole lot less patience from me.  As is always the case, I find they all get along much better when we’re out and about but I learned my lesson from last year that scheduling too much stuff in doesn’t really work either!  This time round we’ve had a more balanced pace interspersing our adventures with days at home to relax.  We’ve also had a couple of days with childcare dotted around here and there both for my sanity and so I can keep on top of my work – but in all honesty I think it does them good to have the odd day apart too! 

I’m finding the sibling relationship of my little gang quite frustrating – Ben and Chloe would have you believe that they hate each other yet they can often be found snuggled up on the sofa together, legs intertwined watching TV.  They drive each other mad, shouting and screaming one minute then playing on the Xbox together the next.  Amy winds them both up something chronic, and yet they both adore her and can play so nicely together.  Ben is the loveliest big brother when he’s in the mood and sometimes still speaks to Amy in the third person, referring to himself as “Benny” which is what she used to call him when she was younger.  “Benny has already done that Amy” – very cute.

After a particularly stressful morning of arguing this Monday, I called a screen ban – no Xbox, no tv, no tablets and you know what, they settled down into the nicest afternoon of imaginary play together and I even managed to get some work done.  Isn’t it crazy that the things we think keep them entertained and out of our hair can actually be the things that cause the most arguments!

Kids watching planes out of the window at Manchester Airport

Holiday Village Tenerife kids in quiet pool

Siblings playing in the splash park at Holiday Village Tenerife

We’re all super excited for Just So Festival together this weekend which is always a highlight of our summer and then the kids are off to Nana’s for a week whilst Dave and I enjoy some time together (again a highlight of our summer!!!)

September will bring about big changes for my team – full time school all round, new childcare plans


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