Siblings – November 2016

This last couple of weeks has been one of illness in our house.  Both Amy and Ben were unwell at the start of half term, last weekend I think we were all poorly except for Dave (though he is off work at the moment due to his broken elbow!)  As I mentioned in my Autumn Bucket List catch up it does rather feel like we’ve just been getting through each day for a little while.  I think it’s something about this time of year – the days are shorter, the weather is miserable and it’s so much harder to get out.  The daily grind just takes over doesn’t it.  Thank goodness we have Christmas to look forward to.

I had fully planned to get some “proper” Siblings photos this month.  I wanted to go up to Heaton Park and take final photos with Thomas but he ended up being too tired on the day we had planned to go.  I wanted glorious sunny autumnal leaf fighting photos in my parents’ garden but Ben wasn’t in the mood.

So what I’ve actually got is not even the best of a bad lot, it’s all I’ve got.  Just three photos of my little gang together this month:

kids at the train station

Kids at Euston

Kids in the garden

and then this little beauty, taken on the spur of the moment by Dave on his phone, when completely unprompted Ben and Amy had snuggled up together in their pjs to watch tv on Saturday morning.  As my friend Jenny said, there is something so precious about watching your children love each other.  And she is so right.  For all the beautiful, “perfect” siblings photos I wanted to take and failed – actually this one nails it.


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