SOS Mummy Survival Kit with lights by TENA

SOS.  Help!  How many times have you felt like shouting that as a Mum?  I know I have.  I’m the Mum who this morning has her hair scraped back off her face and full of dry shampoo as she was too tired last night to wash and dry it before bed (and I certainly don’t have time for that on a Monday morning!  I’m the Mum who often leaves the house only to notice her leggings are covered in food or snot (thanks Amy!).  I’m the Mum who suddenly realises on Sunday night that she’s not washed / ironed the school uniforms. 

It’s not that I’m a disorganised person, there just seems to be so many plates to keep spinning – looking after three kids, keeping the house in order, working from home, teaching a couple of days a week – there’s a lot going on in this head of mine and I would hazard a guess to say that most of you feel exactly the same! 

In order to make my days a little easier, the team at lights by TENA sent me an SOS Kit to help me through those moments where we just want to shout “HELP”!  . . . 
Bio Oil – 6 years on I’ve more than accepted my stretch marks, they’re no longer the ugly red scars snaking across my tummy but just silver puckered lines adding further texture to my tummy which has more than done it’s job three times over.  I plan to use the Bio Oil to take a little time for myself and try to address my dry skin – particularly on my legs now that the sun is starting to shine and I’m going to have to get them out in public!
A personalised apron – I feel like perhaps I should just start wearing this around the house at all times so that I can whip it off when people come round or I need to go out and I might stand a chance of having clean clothes on! 
Antibacterial gel – when you have small children this is pretty self explanatory isn’t it?  They will, and do, touch just about anything.  A regular squirt of anticbac gel to try and minimize the germs is a lifesaver.
Dry shampoo – show me a Mummy who doesn’t have dry shampoo in her arsenal and I’ll show you a liar!  As I’ve already said, my hair is scraped back this morning aided and abetted by a good spritz of dry shampoo!  (Hands up who’s with me?)
Gel foot cushions – More often than not I will be wearing my Birks or Converse (or the more recent addition to my summer shoe wardrobe – my Saltwater Sandals) – comfort is key when you’re running around after kids all day.  I’m so out of practice when it comes to wearing heels these days so these gel cushions are going to come in handy next month with some big celebrations to attend! 
Luxury Tea – I don’t drink tea. At all.  Can’t stand the stuff.  I quickly passed this posh tea onto my friend so she can enjoy a posh brew! 
lights by TENA Liner – And of course, with up to 69% of pregnant women and new mums suffering from light bladder weakness keeping these individual liners to hand will give you one less thing to worry about! 
What would you include in a Mum’s SOS Kit?

*Disclaimer – lights by TENA sent my SOS Mummy Survival Kit free as I thank you for writing this post*



  1. June 29, 2015 / 10:40 pm

    You just make me laugh. That photo! Love the apron x

  2. July 1, 2015 / 12:08 pm

    WANT one of those aprons!! I love the sound of your SOS Mum-Kit. I think we can all do with a bit of pampering now and again! 🙂 xxx

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