A Space Race with BEAR Yoyos

*This is a commissioned post for BEAR*

I remember when Ben was in Reception and he told me that he wanted to learn about “Space” – I suggested he asked his teacher, and was more than a little gutted when he replied “But we don’t tell our teacher what we want to learn!”  Luckily, Space turned out to be a full on topic when he was in Year 2 and he absolutely loved it.

Now, with fairly epic timing as Chloe will soon be studying Space in Year 2 herself, BEAR are flying off to outer-space for this year’s BEAR cards theme, featuring their Grrreat Space Race around the solar system, stopping off at each of the planets and learning fun facts along the way!

Ben, Chloe and Amy were super excited to unpack their BEAR Space Cadet boxes and find matching space themed pjs for them to wear whilst trying out the new BEAR Space Race game . . .

Matching Boden space pjs

Our limited edition Space Race kit features four astronauts in their space ships, you insert a straw into the back and blow hard (and I mean really hard) to make your astronaut fly off into space, the ship which flies the furthest wins!

BEAR Space Race aliens
There’s even a special chart to record the race results on!
BEAR Space Race record sheet
As you can imagine, the sibling rivalry flared and everyone blew as hard as they could to make sure that their alien flew the furthest!
BEAR's Grrreat Space Race
The free, collectable cards which come in every pack of BEAR Yoyos have always been a big hit with Ben and Chloe in particular who love to read up on all the fun facts – I think this year’s space theme is our favourite so far!
BEAR Yoyos Space Race fact cards
BEAR Yoyos have been a regular feature in my backpack and the kids’ lunchboxes for several years now – made with 100% pure fruit and veg, with no added sugar or concentrates, BEAR Yoyos provide the kids with at least 1 of their 5 a day and are low in natural sugars.  (In fact each packet of Bear Yoyos contains the same amount of natural sugar as a small apple!)
Yummy BEAR Yoyos - one of their five a day!
Yummy BEAR Yoyos only contain natural sugars

If you want to join in with BEAR and their Grrreat Space Race, you can pick up BEAR Yoyos in your local supermarket and once your cubs have collected 10 bear codes, they can be sent to BEAR’s Cave (the address is on the side of the pack) in exchange for your very own solar system poster and stickers!

To find out more visit: http://www.bearnibbles.co.uk/ and @BearNibbles on twitter / instagram!


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  1. February 10, 2018 / 12:00 pm

    Ive got some of those cards in my coat pocket from the other week when we were out – they’re really good actually 😀

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