“Super Ben!” – Custom Cartoon Bakery – Review

I first discovered The Custom Cartoon Bakery through a review from Emmy’s Mummy.  I was really impressed with the way they had made Emmy look like Cinderella!

I got in touch with Laura – who I have to say is just lovely – and she offered me the opportunity to have an artwork of my own created for Ben at a reduced price.

Now as you know my little boy is somewhat obsessed with super heroes at the moment and it took me some time to decide whether to have an image created of him as Spiderman or a custom piece.  In the end I decided to go for the custom artwork.

Laura asked what sort of colours I was thinking of and I explained that Ben often talked about being a superhero with a green cape.  I wasn’t sure what other colours we could add to that but I did suggest that he often refers to navy and white stripes as our “family stripes”.  I also asked that there was a simple “B” on his chest.  I literally had no idea what to expect . . .

Finding a picture of Ben that actually looked like Ben was quite tricky – all the photos I could find seemed to be of silly faces and so forth! In the end I settled on this one:

I’m not sure his cheeky smile is very “superhero” but it was
the best recent picture I could find of his full face!

Considering your cartoon is hand drawn personally for you the service is surprisingly quick.  Within a week I’d been sent an image of Ben as a superhero – when I got the first image through I was thrilled with the look of his superhero outfit but there was something about his face which just didn’t feel quite right.  It took me a while to realise that his eyebrows were too “strong”.  As you can see from the image above Ben has very fair (and bordering on non existent) brows! When I got back to Laura with my feedback she said she could see exactly what I meant now I had pointed it out and would ask the artist to rework it.  The alterations were done quickly and I was sent my new image . . .

Super Ben!

I love the stripes and his cape – it works so much better than I could ever have imagined!  All the muscles make him look very grown up which feels a bit strange when he’s only 4 but it does make him look very “superhero”

I wish I had videoed Ben’s reaction when I showed him his cartoon – the conversation went something like this:

Ben: Wow! It’s Superman!
Me: Do you know who it is?
Ben: Yeah me!! Look a B for Ben! I want that costume!

Hmmmm. Think I might struggle to find a costume to live up to this one?  Anyone good with a needle and thread?!

I was so pleased that he had instantly recognised himself.  I really hadn’t expected him to be so excited by his cartoon! I can’t wait to have it printed out and framed for his superhero themed bedroom later on this year!

We're going on an adventure

*Disclaimer – We were offered Ben’s cartoon at a reduced rate for the purposes of review – all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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33 thoughts on ““Super Ben!” – Custom Cartoon Bakery – Review

  1. Thanks so much for your kind review, Colette! We absolutely loved working with you, and are so delighted that we could make Ben so happy with Super Ben!!

    Love from the Custom Cartoon Bakery xx

  2. Wow, he looks fab in superhero form! I love the accuracy & detail of his hairline.

    As for recreating the look… You'll have to see if you can hunt down a blue & silver striped onesie for him, and pair it with long blue socks and a pair of blue pants. Add a green belt and then buy a green cloak, and you're nearly there 😉

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