Super Hero Party Theme from Fabulous Partyware – Review

As you know I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago and had a bit of a party with my good friend Marc.  Although that party was to celebrate to our 35th birthdays we were having a day time get together and I decided to make it as fun as possible for the kids.

Celebrating my birthday with Fabulous Partyware

We decorated the living room with lots of fabulous helium balloons which in itself was great fun but then we also used a selection of super hero themed goodies from Fabulous Partyware.

I’m a big fan of disposable plates and so forth at parties – perhaps not the most environmentally friendly way of doing things but they serve their purpose when it comes to avoiding breakages and clearing up quickly afterwards. The super hero plates, bowls and cups were all great quality – I love that they coordinate with each other but don’t match if you see what I mean?  The variety makes it look really interesting on your table.

Super hero party plates from Fabulous Partyware
Super hero party cups from Fabulous Partyware

To finish the theme off we also had napkins, food toppers and table confetti.  The napkins said Happy Birthday but if you are looking to do a non-birthday Super Hero theme there’s also some generic napkins in the same range.

I particularly LOVED the food toppers – they made the buffet look even more exciting.  I think I’m going to need flags for all my future party spreads!

Super hero flags from Fabulous Partyware

I’m sure you’ll agree that the Super Hero themed party accessories from Fabulous Partyware really added something to our celebrations – adding colour, excitement and also creating a talking point!

Fabulous Partyware have got accessories to suit your every party need be it a birthday party or baby shower there’s just so many themes to choose from.  I’m a big fan and will definitely be looking to order more bits and bobs for future celebrations.  I was excited to hear that Fabulous Partyware will be stocking a Frozen range very soon too – just in time for Chloe’s birthday this summer!

51 thoughts on “Super Hero Party Theme from Fabulous Partyware – Review

  1. It's pretty awesome party idea!:)
    I need to organize the baby shower for my sis, and I'm looking for fresh and creative ideas! Thank's for yours!:)
    Lot's luck!:)

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