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Our most recent craft activity has a monster theme!  I decided we’d have a go at paint blowing, it’s something I’ve done with Ben before but he was quite a bit younger and found it really tricky – and of course there’s always the risk that they will suck the paint up the straw!! 

Once we had Amy safely tucked up in bed Ben and Chloe chose a piece of card and a single colour of poster paint.  I gave them a good old splodge of paint and showed them how to move the paint around by blowing down a straw. 

We had put rather a lot of paint on so it took quite a while to blow it out but they were both pretty focussed on it.  After a little bit of help from Mummy they were both left with a nice big painty splodge which needed to dry out over night. 

The following morning we set about turning our painty splodges into bonefide monsters with the help of some Bostik White Glu to stick on foam hands and feet and one or two Bostik Glu Dots to help stick on some googly eyes.  All finished off with a felt tip pen mouth. 

I used a  pair of sharp scissors to trim the edges of our monsters before displaying them in our playroom art gallery: 

*Disclaimer – Our box of crafting goodies was provided to us free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostick Craft Bloggers Club*


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  1. August 20, 2015 / 10:03 am

    Love the idea of moving the paint around by blowing a straw; I'm definitely keeping that info for the parenting road when we get to that stage. You children must have had such fun creating their pieces. 🙂 #CommentLuv

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