Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with Fitbit

So it’s December – the only time of year when it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, the booze is flowing and general feasting is rife . . . Not really a time most of us choose to think about maintaining a healthy lifestyle I’m sure?  Better save that for January right? I’ve written a few times about the fact I could really do with losing a few pounds.  I want to get back to my wedding weight.  I lost quite a bit of weight before Dave and I got wed (3.5 stone in fact) but I lost my momentum once I didn’t have a dress to worry about, I put a few pounds back on, I got pregnant.  I was back to the start.  Well not quite, once I’d given birth I discovered I had in fact lost 0.5lb over the course of my pregnancy but I soon saw…

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So I was sent some running gear from this summer with the express purpose of supporting me in my efforts to get … View Post
Hi Tec Haraka running trainers (first thoughts) – Review

Hi Tec Haraka running trainers (first thoughts) – Review

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