Tesco Baby Weaning Products – Review

Sticky Fingers Messy Faces Wipes:

With a baby in the house we have always got a good stock of baby wipes to hand, no matter where we are, so Ben and Chloe are more than used to having their mucky hands and faces wiped over!
These  face wipes are much easier for carrying around in your bag as they are in small, resealable packet.  The fruity smell is appealing to children and, I guess is more “grown up” than a baby wipe.
Of course the proof is in the pudding so to speak (or in this case the chocolate spread)
Chloe cleaned her hands and face independently
Tesco sticky fingers wipes
Safe to say Chloe quickly had lovely clean hands and face again!

Weaning Spoons

Tesco Baby weaning spoons
Tesco Baby – Weaning Spoons

Can you ever have enough spoons?  I seem to lose a lot, either the dishwasher eats them or I must leave them when we’re out and about!  This brightly coloured set of weaning spoons are shaped in such a way as makes them feel nice to hold.  The spoon itself isn’t too large for your little one’s mouth, it’s deep enough to get a good mouthful of food on but not so deep that baby will struggle to eat from it. They’re also dishwasher safe (which I think all baby stuff should be really!)

weaning spoons
Scramble egg = fail. Weaning spoons = win.

Insulated Beaker 

Up until now Amy has just used small beakers with handles – this insulated beaker is considerably larger than she is used to and she struggled to handle it.  She found it tricky to pick up and get into her mouth the right way up.  Once she finally got it into her mouth I’m not sure she actually managed to drink anything but in fairness to her I had the stopper in to make it leak proof (you can see us testing it in one of the photos below).  Although Amy struggles to cope with the beaker at the moment I think it will quickly become a firm favourite.  I like that it’s a decent size to be able to get a good amount of water in for her if we’re out and about.  Having checked it for spills & knowing that its insulated to keep drinks cool I’d be happy to keep it in my changing bag for adventures!

Tesco Baby insulated beaker
Tesco Baby Insulated Beaker

*Disclaimer -We were sent these items free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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