The Pudding Club – Liverpool

The first rule of Pudding Club is . . .

When I first heard of “Pudding Club” I have to admit all thoughts turned to my stomach . . . and it turns out I was sort of right – but not in the way I thought!  Nope, we’re not talking cake here, we’re talking a specialist boutique for maternity and nursing clothes opening in Liverpool’s Metquarter early next month.

I found shopping for maternity clothes really difficult in each of my pregnancies due to a complete lack of clothes that I wanted to wear – I don’t want to change my style just because I have a bump.  It was especially frustrating in my most recent pregnancy that it was virtually impossible to buy maternity clothes in person, everything was online.  Personally I think that pregnancy is the time you least want to be buying clothes online as you need to try things on and really see what suits your new and changing shape.  What you thought you liked before you might not like when pregnant – it’s a time to try new shapes and styles – so anywhere that allows you to do this whilst feeling pampered in the process is a win in my eyes!

The Pudding Club place heavy emphasis on maternity jeans which I find especially exciting – finding the perfect pair of over the bump jeans was nigh on impossible this time round!

All I can say is that I hope they’ve got some nice nursing clothes in there too being as how all this lush maternity wear is just a bit late for me!!


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  1. February 1, 2014 / 1:43 pm

    wish this had bben around when i was pregnant with my two

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