The “Ten Minute Sweep” – Keeping our house tidy this Spring!

This weekend Dave and I had a whole child-free weekend . . . I’d like to tell you we spent it relaxing and enjoying each other’s company but in actual fact we made the most of the chance to get some jobs done around the house without the little people under our feet.  For Dave this meant digging a huge trench in the driveway ready for a new water supply and repainting the dining room (watch out for a post on this soon!)

My weekend was spent decluttering the upstairs of our house – sorting the kids’ bedrooms, organising their drawers making sure that I removed clothes which no longer fitted and clearing out toys which were broken, missing parts or outgrown.  Of course sorting the kids’ bedrooms is one of those jobs that you really can’t do with them there or you’ll find that broken bit of tat from McDonalds is suddenly their most favourite toy and they couldn’t possibly part with it!

 When they feel like it, Ben and Chloe are now getting pretty good at tidying up which I think is in part due to the expectation that they do their bit within the classroom.  Ben in particular, is really good at making sure things go back in the right place – he’s also very good at hiding things under his bed.  None of my children appear to be naturally tidy – which doesn’t come as a surprise as I’m terrible for leaving things lying around.

To try and combat our untidy nature, I’ve instigated a “Ten Minute Sweep” which we’re doing as soon as they get in from school – making sure that shoes, book bags and clothes are put away properly ready for the next morning before moving onto the living room / playroom / bedrooms – whichever seems to be most in need.  The reason this seems to work well is that I’m not saying “Tidy the playroom and make sure it’s spotless” – I’m just saying “Do the best you can for ten minutes” which I’ve found makes them far more inclined to just crack on and do it.  We will then do another “Ten Minute Sweep” before bedtime if necessary.  It’s making a really big difference to keeping the house tidy and helping Ben and Chloe to understand that it’s a team effort – picking up their toys is not my job!  I actually don’t mind cleaning, but tidying up drives me mad!

This Spring, HomeServe have put together a set of tips for those bigger jobs which might need addressing around the house – checking the boiler is in good working order, that your drains don’t need unblocking – all the lovely stuff that you’re better off sorting before the problem gets any worse!

Have you got any top tips for the big Spring Clean?  What jobs are on your “to do” list at the moment?



  1. April 26, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    I need a massive declutter and then a ten minute sweep myself. Your kids rooms look SO tidy! LP's, especially, is a mess. Toys and books everywhere! x

    • April 28, 2016 / 9:50 pm

      Don't worry – they hadn't been in them when I took the photos 😉

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