Thinking about updating our bedroom furniture

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If you follow me over on youtube you might have seen I did some serious decluttering of our bedroom back in the summer holidays – I’ll add the videos in to the bottom of this post in case you haven’t seen them already.

Our bedroom is a really good sized double, beautifully lit by virtue of having two windows (albeit ones which are in rather desperate need of replacing) but the shape of the room is quite awkward and I don’t really feel we have much choice about where the furniture goes.  When we first moved in we splashed out on two large wardrobes from IKEA – you know, the PAX ones that you can set up any which way you like?  Dave spent about 4 hours putting them together along one wall only for me to come home and announce they looked really odd and would have to be moved.  Although there is space for them to be on the back wall – it makes the room look really long and narrow so we moved them to the left side of the room with a MALM chest of drawers next to them.

Although I love how big our wardrobes are, I don’t like the colour of them – I think they look too dark for our light and bright room so I’d love to be able to swap them for white ones – but that’s obviously a bit of an unnecessary expense at the moment.  Dave and I have looked at swapping out the middle two doors for mirrored ones to lift them a bit and I think that’s certainly something we’ll do when we’ve got a bit of spare cash.  However, the biggest pain with the wardrobes is that because of the position of them, they’re actually quite tricky to get to – you have to sidle down the side of the bed and then open the wardrobe doors once you’re in position otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get past.  I have drawers in the bottom of my wardrobe which are a right old pain to get to – I literally have to sit down on my bed to be able to see in them – which of course means I don’t make full use of them.  Things get left out because it’s just a pain to put them away.  We also have to make sure the bed is positioned fairly precisely to make sure there’s actually room to get the wardrobe doors open and it almost meant we wouldn’t be able to get a king sized bed last year.  I think the ideal solution really would be to get sliding door wardrobes.  I’d love to get our bedroom properly redesigned to make the most of the space and get some properly fitted wardrobes.

I also mentioned in my decluttering videos that I’m hoping to get a dressing table soon – this is something I’ve wanted for quite a while (pretty much the whole nine years we’ve lived in our house if I’m honest!).  As you can see in the videos we have a bit of an awkward space on the right-hand side of our room which is above the stairs.  It was the perfect size for a cot but is now just a bit of a mess.  I’m hoping that fitting in a proper dressing table there will allow me to make proper use of the space and also provide plenty of storage for the masses of hair and beauty products I seem to have collected over the years.  We’ve also spoken about adding some properly fitted shelving or cupboards to the area above the stairs but I think that once the dressing table is in, that might actually be quite a nice space for my lamp rather than having loads of rubbish piled on it all the time!

(Part 3 of the Bedroom Decluttering vids should be live next week!)


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