Ticking things off the Spring Bucket List

2. A family theatre visit
We had a great time when we went to watch Beauty & the Beast at The Epstein Theatre at the start our of Easter holidays.  It was the first time we’d really done anything like that together so it was a real treat.  We’re looking forward to going back in June to watch The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Chloe with the stars of the show

3. Multiple blog conferences for Mummy
Two down, one to go!  I’ve already attended Blog Camp and Blog On over the last couple of weeks and now plans are under way for Britmums Live (keep an eye out for an announcement about my sponsors soon!)

Blog Camp (Photo credit: Sally Whittle)

7. Celebrate Dave’s birthday 
I had hoped that Dave would have been able to take the day off work on his birthday as it fell in the Easter holidays but unfortunately that wasn’t to be.  We had also planned for a lovely meal out at Beef & Pudding on the night of his birthday but that didn’t happen either.  In the end we made our way up to the Trafford Centre and had a wander round the shops before treating ourselves to an ice cream.  It was a shame that our plans all went to the wall but it was lovely to spend some time together without distractions – this is certainly something we need to do more of.

8. Celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary 
We took full advantage of being at my parents for the weekend.  We were both tired and so rather than heading out into town for cocktails as we had planned we went for a curry at our favourite curry house and to a pub round the corner.  It was so lovely to sit tucked up together in a corner just chatting, listening to the music and people watching.  I’m so glad we did that rather than dragging ourselves into a busy bar in the middle of York.

9. Easter fun with Aunty Nic 
You can read all about our Easter Weekend here

Easter egg hunting with Aunty Nic

11. Hold an Extension Warming party 
This is a long way off at the moment – we’re working away getting bits and pieces done on the house – slow and steady wins the race I guess.

12. Get the house straight – a proper Spring clean, declutter etc. 
I’m working on it!  Ideally I could do with a child free weekend but there isn’t one on the horizon so I’m just beavering away as and when I get chance!  Most recently I’ve managed to bag up and pass on lots of outgrown clothes and toys.

16. Get used to Daddy’s new job 
Last week Dave finally started his new role on a full time basis (he has been doing a phased start which feels like it has gone on forever).  It seems so strange to see him wearing a shirt and tie every day but I’m getting used to it, I actually really like it (though the extra washing and ironing is noticeable!)  After 19 years of having to be clean shaven for health and safety reasons he’s very much enjoying a bit of time of shaving and is working on growing himself a healthy looking beard which I think really suits him.  His new job involves quite a bit of traveling so he’s away quite a bit now but the kids are coping ok with that and I’m getting used to it slowly.

So here’s our how our Spring Bucket List is looking so far – we should be just about able to get the list done by the end of May!
  1. Make the most of finally being able to have people round again – playdates, dinners, coffee! 
  2. A family theatre visit 02.04.15
  3. Multiple blog conferences for Mummy!
  4. Take the kids to their first “festival” – Geronimo Fest
  5. A family photo shoot with the fabulous Sally Langstaff (I’m beyond excited about this) 28.03.15
  6. Celebrate my birthday  24.3.15
  7. Celebrate Dave’s birthday too 17.04.15
  8. Celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary 05.04.15
  9. Easter fun with Aunty Nic 05.04.15
  10. Mothers’ Day (looks pointedly at Dave) 14.03.15
  11. Hold an Extension Warming party
  12. Get the house straight – a proper Spring clean, declutter etc. 
  13. Continue with #OperationWeddingWeight – I’m aiming to get another stone off by the end of May. There I’ve said it.
  14. Go to a farm and see some baby animals
  15. Take a trip to Whitby – this has been on the list since last Spring! It WILL happen!
  16. Get used to Daddy’s new job
  17. Make the most of being able to have fresh tulips in the house All of March! 

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  1. May 14, 2015 / 8:58 pm

    Sounds like you have been really busy and have had some lovely times recently. I love the idea of doing a Spring or Summer bucketlist- it would be nice to motivate ourselves to complete the list! x

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