Timber Festival 2018 – Family Festival Review

This weekend saw the inaugural Timber Festival at Feanedock, the National Forest. An extraordinary new camping festival exploring the transformative impact of forests. Celebrating woodland culture in all its forms, join us for an intoxicating experience where music, art, philosophy and sustainability weave together into an unforgettable, exhilarating weekend. From the outset this festival bore all the hallmarks of a Wild Rumpus event, things which we have come to expect after a couple of years of attending Just So Festival; the attention to detail, familiar performers, super clean toilets and shower blocks, and a range of good quality food, but it also set itself apart as a festival in its own right. Timber Festival and Sustainability The setting for Timber Festival was Feanedock, which is practically a baby in forest terms – many of the trees are less than 20 years old.  From the top of a hill you can … Continue reading Timber Festival 2018 – Family Festival Review