Tips for Getting the Most Use Out of Costumes

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Halloween may be a blast but it only comes around once a year and can leave you with a box in the attic filled with cheap, discarded costumes that no long fit the kids.  By planning ahead and having a shopping strategy, you can select costumes throughout the year that can fit into multiple scenarios.  After all, Halloween isn’t the only time you might need a costume!

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1. Buy costumes that can fit into your everyday wardrobe. 

One of the best ways to get more use out of your fancy dress outfit is to choose a costume that you or your child will be able to get away with wearing in “normal” life.  The idea is to choose a costume that already fits into your general sense of style.  So if you love a good jumpsuit, choose one in olive green and you can style it for a vintage aviator look.  Or if you like to wear lacy dresses, choose on in white that you can accessorise with a DIY halo and wings for an easy angel costume that you can re-use and re-style. 

2. Ask about refund policies in advance. 

Are you buying a costume for your kid while he’s at school, or for yourself without the chance to try it on first?  Be sure to check the store policy about returning used merchandise.  Some costume shoos won’t accept anything with open packaging, for example.  Others won’t issue refunds, but will allow exchanges for different sizes.  If possible, make sure you purchase using a credit card so that you have a paper trail and always keep your receipt. 

3. Arrange a costume swap with friends. 

Is a friend throwing a costume party and you’re not sure what to wear?  Drag out your family’s old costumes and have your friends do the same.  Arrange a clothing swap where you get to try on each other’s costumes.  You may find pieces that you can mix and match to create something completely new – that old Captain America suit may suddenly become the basis for a robot costume!

4. Buy and sell online. 

You can save money on Halloween costumes by purchasing them online to begin with , and this is also a good idea if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.  You can browse through all the funny Halloween costume ideas at Funidelia to get a feeling for what’s out there before committing to a costume that way.  But in addition to buying your costumes online, you can also tell them on sites like eBay when you’ve worn them.  After just one use, your costume is most likely in great shape and you should be able to get a bit of money back by selling it used. 

5.  Size up when buying kids’ costumes. 

Are you purchasing costumes for your children?  Buy them one size too large, so that they can get some good dress-up use out of them.  If you buy something which just barely fits now, chances are that they’ll only get the one-time use instead.

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  1. August 4, 2015 / 7:45 am

    I would also add durability – so many costumes are made of really flimsy material that can't even be machine washed. While the makers may classify them as 'toys' our kids don't – at least one doesn't (who's currently wearing her slowly falling apart Dorothy dress for her outfit today)

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