Tomy Aquadoodle – Review

Somehow, over the last 6 years, the Aquadoodle has passed us by.  I’ve heard of it but we’ve never tried one out, until now.
Despite being targeted at children over the age of 18 months – so basically Amy, I currently have three children arguing over the Aquadoodle in the playroom!  Of course I’m sure some of this is novelty value and over time Ben and Chloe may be less interested but right now it’s filling a wet, chicken poxy, waiting for a delivery kinda day very nicely!

The mat itself is less than a metre square so doesn’t take up loads of room (and also folds neatly for storage).   It comes with a special pen which you fill with water.  Needless to say, any toy which requires filling with water fills me with dread . . . the potential for spillage is high!  Not so with the Aquadoodle.  The the pen screws together securely so there is no leaking.  The pen nib is soft and allows moisture to flow through for mark making on the mat however it doesn’t dribble or drip.  I’m already impressed.

 Aquadoodle pen

Aquadoodle pen in toddler's hand
Essentially once the Aquadoodle pen is filled with water, you use it like a normal pen and write or draw on the mat and you drawings appear as if by magic.  It’s like a modern day version of those magic books we had as kids where you just painted them with water?  The kids loved drawing on it and seeing the different colours appear (predictably Ben attempted to colour the entire sheet in – typical boy!)
Aquadoodle colours
Writing on the Aquadoodle mat

Aside from the lack of mess, I love that the Aquadoodle mat is reusable – once the water has dried up the drawings disappear and you can fold it up and put it away for another day.

What we love about it: 

  • It’s small size means that whilst it feels like a massive space for little ones to be creative, it doesn’t take up loads of room on your floor or in your cupboard.
  • It’s fantastic for encouraging initial mark making in toddlers – and equally useful for practising letter formation in older children like Ben and Chloe.
  • There is no mess.  No spillages, no ink or paint on hands / clothes / furniture.
  • The chunky pen is easy for little hands to hold
  • The pen nib is sturdy and will withstand plenty of use
  • The bright images around the outside of the mat allow for developing observation skills
  • The letters and numbers on the mat can be used for tracing or copying


What we’re not so keen on: 

  • With three kids keen to get involved, there has been some arguing over the pen this morning.  However, I have noticed that spare / replacement pens are available on Amazon so I’m off to invest!  (I do think that, as with any pen, the nib will wear and squash over time – so even if you’ve only got one child using the Aquadoodle, the spare pens could be very useful!)

Ben, Chloe and Amy give the Aquadoodle a massive thumbs up .  . .

*We were sent the Aquadoodle free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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50 thoughts on “Tomy Aquadoodle – Review

  1. They are great. Did away with the misery of scrubbing pen marks off the cot bed, off the walls, off the kitchen table, off the buggy…

    Messy craft activities are something I have to grit my teeth through, so the less mess the better.

  2. My kids adore colouring but it's stressful for me when the toddler wants to get involved! Aqua doodle is the perfect way for her to have fun and me not to have a big mess to clear up!

  3. I bought this when my girls where younger and I've just been reminded of that, must still be here somewhere! They loved it too, mine came with a few pens and some stampers too, so yes definitely good for each kid to have a pen!

  4. Looks fab! This has reminded me Holly got one of these for Christmas and is probably now old enough to use it. After seeing this I think she is going to love it and by the sounds of it so with my eldest daughter too. Bring on the arguments, I better enter your giveaway to try and win another one!! x

  5. This looks great! I too have heard of the aquadoodle but not seen it or used it before! Mia loves anything to do with water so this may help with that as she drives me insane with her water pouring at the moment! She also loves drawing and anything crafty so this would be ideal! 🙂


  6. We have something similar to this, in fact, maybe it's an older version of this one. Our pen is more slim. Little Button has had this for 2 year years now and it's still going strong. Annette, 3 Little Buttons http:\

  7. We have a Disney Princess aquadoodle and our little lady loves it. I think there is something quite nice for them about being able to draw and create with water and then watch it disappear. For us parents its great because theres no mess – win win! Fab review, like the look of this one too 🙂 Emily #TriedTested

  8. My eldest boy used to love his Aquadoodle, he had hours of fun with it. I think I will be investing in another one for little man too. Thanks for hosting 🙂 x #triedtested

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