Trespass Rhine Women’s Walking Boots – Review

I do quite a bit of walking in my day to day life – walking to school three times a day, walking to the supermarket and walking Thomas.  Walking in all weathers.  There are times when a pair of wellies or trainers really won’t cut the mustard.  I’m not just talking walking in muddy fields or climbing hills but actually just wet, cold school runs – wellies might keep my feet dry but they’re cold!

Talking in the view

I’ve been trying out a pair of Trespass walking boots for just over a month now.  I’ve never had a pair of proper walking boots before so I was really interested to see how they would fit into my life.  I wore them last weekend when we went on the Room on the Broom Adventure Trail – it was a dry day but there were plenty of puddles and the ground was relatively uneven.  Wearing my Trespass walking boots meant I didn’t really have to worry about where I was putting my feet, I didn’t need to avoid the puddles my children were merrily splashing their way through.

Testing out my waterproof walking boots

I found the boots rubbed a little on my ankles but I think this was a combination of my socks and having not fastened them quite as tightly as I should have done – considering I was walking all day they were pretty comfortable on a first wear!

My Trespass walking boots provided my ankles with support over the uneven ground.  I’ve been having a lot of problems with my left ankle recently, it seems to have developed a weakness and after a full day of walking it can be very painful.  I’m not saying it was perfect after wearing my boots but it was only a niggle that evening rather than pain.  Considering I had been walking on uneven surfaces all day I was really impressed.

Getting my Trespasss boots muddy

What I love about them: 

* The look really smart so I wouldn’t feel out of place wearing them to do the school run in the Autumn / Winter

* The leather upper is built to last – these are going to take a lot of hammer before I need to replace them

* The sturdy rubber sole provides substantial grip yet remains flexible

* The boots are waterproof

* They were a great value pair of boots at full price but are even better at the current offer price of little more than £30!

What I’m not so keen on: 

* They’re very big and clumpy so this can take a little getting used to – I found myself a little clumsy the first time I wore them but I think this is more just me not being used to this style of boot.

Walking with my girls

All in all I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of these boots – I think their next outing will be a good long walk along the beach with Thomas!

*Disclaimer – I was sent the boots free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*


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  1. May 20, 2015 / 2:01 pm

    Those boots looks great, I never have any practical footwear! x

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