Trip to Wales

Having always sworn I wasn’t going to make the drive to Beaumaris with kids in tow ever again, we found ourselves doing exactly that on Saturday morning.  Dave’s Grandad is now 91 and his health has deteriorated a lot over recent months so this was more a trip for Dave and his Grandad than anything else.  Seeing the kids was going to mean a lot to him so we just had to get on with it really knowing that we were making an old man very happy.   We talked to Ben a lot about the fact we were going on an adventure to see Daddy’s Grandad, that he lived by the seaside and we could see the sea.  The plan was to visit Frank, go for a walk down to the front, have some chips and a play, go back to Franks for a bit longer then head home.  In the end it didn’t quite work out like that as Frank wanted to go out for lunch with us all – between mobility scooters, small children, rain and a not especially great pub menu I can safely say it wasn’t the most lovely of lunches and in fact was just damned hard work – however it was all worth while for the moment when I saw Frank watching Ben playing snap with Enid’s grandson – the look in his eyes was of pure pleasure.  After lunch we decided to brave the rain and “find the sea” just so as to give Ben a chance to stretch his legs.  Unfortunately the weather was so bad we quickly found ourselves making our way back up to Frank and Enid’s house!  By this point Frank and the children were all looking tired to we didn’t stay for much longer. The battery on my phone really struggled as it had been fighting for reception all day – as  a result we didn’t manage to get any photos of Frank with the children which is such a shame as it’s unlikely they will see him again.
Both children coped incredibly well with the journey – a 5 hour round trip to see an old man they don’t know is never going to be anyone’s idea of fun but we were really proud of them both!  Fingers crossed they do as well on the drive to London in two weeks time!


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