#VLOGSTARS – October 2017

Hello! Welcome to the October edition of #VLOGSTARS!  How is the Autumn treating you so far?  I’ve finally accepted that it’s here and that summer is done I think – even if I still feel a little cheated!

If you’re new to #VLOGSTARS then let me fill you in a bit . . . the linky goes live on the second Thursday of each month and is open for two weeks for you to link up your vlogs on a set theme.  The idea being that it might inspire you to create some fabulous new content for your channel and also introduce you to some other #VLOGSTARS who are chatting about the same things!

In September, Katy and I set the theme for  October to be a “DAY IN THE LIFE”. . .  One which I was really looking forward to as I’ve fallen out of the habit of filming DITL videos of late.  Unfortunately I’m having massive issues with my editing software this week so haven’t been able to get a new video up.  Instead I’m sharing the last one I filmed – shamefully three months ago!  I think that’s a kick for me to start filming them again as soon as I get my software sorted!!

So, if you’re super organised and have your DAY IN THE LIFE video ready to go, you can bob your link in down below!  If not, you’ve got a fortnight to get filmed and get linked up.

Over the next couple of weeks Katy and I are looking forward to popping round your vlogs, getting to know you all a bit better and of course sharing them over on twitter where we can!  We’d love it if you could do the same for some of the other people who have linked up too, there’s nothing like spreading the love now is there?  (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #VLOGSTARS)

Next month, from Thursday 9th November, Katy and I want you share a PRODUCT REVIEW video.  Although these aren’t always my favourite videos to film they can be surprisingly big hitters when it comes to traffic.  We don’t mind if you link up a review you’ve already done or film a new one – whatever works for you!  It doesn’t have to be something you’ve been sent specifically – just something you love (or hate!) that you think other people might be interested in.

If you’ve been joining in with #VLOGSTARS for a while then I hope you’ll stick with Katy and I moving forward.  If you’re new to it, then welcome aboard, it’s great to have you!

Photo Credit: markus spiske Flickr via Compfight cc


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