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After Chloe spent most of last summer with grazes on both knees I topped up my little bag of tricks with Savlon and plasters to make sure I was prepared for all the little knocks and scrapes that come with being a child. I’ve basically made up my own little first aid kit which I keep in my changing bag. It’s been invaluable.
How would you like to win a Kids First Aid Kit? – Ideal for keeping in the car or taking in your bag on a family day out.  The kit is designed to contain all the necessary bits you might need to treat cuts and scrapes along the way: 
* 2 x Alcohol Free Wipes
* 9 x Creature Plasters 
* 1 x 5cm Conforming Bandage 
* Pair of Vinyl Gloves
* 1 x 5cm x 5cm Low Adherent Dressing 
* 1 x Trinagular Bandage 
As always feel free to complete as many of the Rafflecopter options as you would like – the more you complete the more chance you have of winning.  Please don’t waste your time clicking “yes” on options you haven’t completed properly as I will check and those entries will be disqualified.


*Disclaimer – I have received no compensation for this post*

45 thoughts on “Win a Kids First Aid Kit – Giveaway

  1. My little girl is the most accident prone, she takes after me but is worse but she's proper tough and rarely makes a fuss when she hurts herself. She fell last week (had tights on) wouldn't let me take them down to look and it was only bathtime when I took them off and saw she had a massive graze on her knee. She barely made a fuss and her tights were fine so I hadn't even noticed how bad it was! My son would have cried for a week 🙂 – Kate Milton

  2. My husband is terrible! He was very lucky not to lose his thumb earlier this year due to a disagreement with an axe whilst he was chopping wood! He's recovered now thanks to a wonderful surgeon!

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