A busy week of adventures!

At the start of this week I wrote about being ready to get the kids back to school.  Monday was hard work with lots of squabbling and getting on each other’s nerves.  I was dreading the rest of the week but you know what, it actually turned out to be really lovely!

On Tuesday we did a bit of shopping and made birthday cakes for our dog which turned out to be a really funny way to spend the afternoon.

dog birthday cake
Making birthday cakes for Thomas

On Wednesday we took a chance on the weather forecast (cloudy and 15 degrees . . ) and went for a day at the seaside!  I’d not been to Lytham before but it’s really lovely.  Such an enormous expanse of sand – although the sea is so far out you can barely see it which disappointed Ben somewhat.  The pier is gorgeous, traditional and not remotely tacky.  We spent a lovely afternoon on the beach – Ben, Chloe and Finley busied themselves digging enormous holes, making sandcastles and generally enjoying the freedom and fresh air.  Amy enjoyed investigating her surroundings (which of course involved eating sand).  Fish and chips on the beach for lunch followed by a donkey ride and an ice cream before home time topped off a pretty much perfect day out!

Lytham seaside
A proper day at the seaside!

brought with it a visit to soft play and a good old catch up with my friend Gillian who I’ve managed to see quite a bit of this holiday for a change.  It has been lovely being able to spend a bit more time together.  Chloe claimed she wasn’t tired and didn’t need a sleep however this was the scene that greeted me when I came back in from talking to my Dad . . .

Sleepy little girl
Clearly more tired than she thought!

we had the Butlers round to play for the day which took the pressure off me for entertainment and meant I could sit and have a gossip with one of my closest friends.  At tea time we took ourselves off to Frankie and Benny’s to repeat Ben’s birthday tea.  (When we went originally he had been very disappointed that they hadn’t sung Happy Birthday to him like they had Chloe.  Frankie and Benny’s were keen to put this right and the very lovely area manager rang to apologise personally to Ben and invite him back to pretend it was his birthday again so they could do a proper job . . . and a proper job they did.  We had a lovely family meal and Ben’s face when they were singing to him was an absolute picture.

Happy times with friends

morning the weather forecast wasn’t great so I had booked to take Ben and Chloe to the cinema (I love Movies for Juniors – you just can’t knock taking the whole family to the cinema for less than a fiver).  I chose to take them to see the LEGO Movie which Ben was absolutely enthralled by (and now wants a lot more LEGO including lots of characters from the film . . .), Chloe was less impressed and found it hard to sit still telling me often “I don’t like small LEGO, I want to go home” – I have promised her that the next time we go to the cinema it will be for a “girls’ film”.  Dave spent the time we were out building Amy’s cotbed for her and I’m hoping she will really appreciate the extra room and perhaps sleep a tiny bit better for me?!

Moving to cotbed
First night in her big girl’s bed!

And today, Sunday, we’ve been to Tatton Park – a picnic lunch, a bit tree climbing and a play in the park.  We were lucky that the weather was kind – sunny and warm enough to be sat outside comfortably.  (I will be writing a separate post about this so will link it in later)

Tatton Park picnic
Picnic at Tatton Park

So after a very shaky start it has turned out to be one of the loveliest weeks of the summer holidays!  (I’m still looking forward to them going back though!)

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  1. August 24, 2014 / 10:08 pm

    You have had such a busy week! I'm tired just reading about it x

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