A DryNites #ConfidentKids247 Update

As you know we are working as DryNites ambassadors this year and helping to promote the Confident Kids 24/7 campaign.   At present both my eldest children wear DryNites and are not showing any signs of being past the “bedwetting phase”.  For the most part this hasn’t really presented any issues for us as neither of them have been particularly bothered by this.  I’m sure this is down to our relaxed attitude and their own self confidence.  Working on the Confident Kids 24/7 campaign has eased my mind and allowed me to continue being relaxed, safe in the the knowledge that this will probably sort itself out and in the meantime DryNites are there to support us, offering discreet, age-appropriate protection.  Bedwetting is a completely normal part of growing up, affecting almost 600,000 each year in the Uk.

As part of the Confident Kids 24/7 campaign, DryNites have been working with children’s confidence coach Naomi Richards and I’m able to share some of her best advice with you here:

* Try something new – During they day, encourage your child to try new things.  When a child sees that they are able to master something new it will make them feel good.  They will see that they are able. 


* Give them a choice – Rather than make all their decisions for them get them involved in making a few of their own.  You can do this simply by letting them choose what they wear or what they do that day.  Children feel empowered when they are considered and make decisions.  It builds their self-esteem! 


* Communication is key – Always communicate with your child and ask their opinions or advice on something as this makes them feel valued.  In addition, parents should use bedtime to talk to their child about their day and discuss with them any worries they may have.


* Time for a story – Instead of reading your child a bedtime story, why not ask them to read to you?  This is a great way to get them to share the skills they’ve learned during the day and will make them feel really proud. 


* Banish the bogyman! – Many children are afraid of the dark, so ensure there is easy access and lighting to the toilet at night. 


* It’s out of your control – Get them to understand that they have little control over how their body is working whilst they are asleep, so night time accidents aren’t their fault. 


* Keep it tidy! – Encourage your child to tidy their pyjamas and DryNites pyjama pants into their own storage bag.  Each night you can ask them to take out their bed clothes and get dressed themselves.


As part of the Confident Kids 24/7 campaign, DryNites have created a new support section on the website along with Bedwetting Stories from Real Mums.  You can watch my video here: Colette’s Story



*Disclaimer – This post is written as part of my role as a DryNites Ambassador*

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