Adventures in London with the Kids

As a blogger I’ve visited London more in the last year or so than I probably had in the 35 years prior – unless you count passing through on the way to Dover to visit Aunty M as  a kid.  And when I say passing through I mean getting off the train at Kings Cross, hopping the tube and getting back on the train at Victoria – there was definitely no sightseeing going on!

In fact I don’t think I’ve ever really been sightseeing in London.  I remember going on a school trip but it was for a history event or something – we walked passed the end of Downing Street and that was that.  When I met my friend Cesca for breakfast after the MAD Blog Awards back in September this year, we went for a bit of a walk afterwards and this was the very first time I’d actually seen Buckingham Palce!

Buckingham Palace, London

We took Ben and Chloe to London to stay with friends a few years ago and we had a lovely trip to Kew Gardens which is definitely somewhere I’d like to return now Ben & Chloe are older and will remember.

You may have read that during October half term I took Ben on his first proper jaunt to the capital to spend a day at Guinness World Records HQ – which was pretty exciting, not least because it was the first time he’d really been on a train!

I’m hoping that next year will bring more opportunities for us to travel to London as a family. I’d love to know your top suggestions for days out with the kids in London?


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