All in One Baby Changing Wallet from The Miracle Box

The Miracle Box are out to make life easier for parents with “innovaative lifestyle parenting products” – they’ve got all the bits and bobs you might not have even thought about but would soon wonder how you’d lived without.

Enter the “All in One Baby Changing Wallet”
This is the perfect get up and go changing travel station.  It has been made to fully open with one hand.  The wallet includes a carry handle and a simple clip to attatch to any buggy.  When fully open the large change mat with padded head section measures 54cm x 54cms.  The wallet also includes two zip compartments for personal items and one mesh pocket for wipes and nappies.  Also fits into most baby change bags! 

I hate to think how many times I’ve got caught out with a lack of facilities and ended up trying to find something to lie on the floor of a toilet before I put my little one down – this solves that problem hands down!

*Disclaimer – I have not received any compensation for this post* 

140 thoughts on “All in One Baby Changing Wallet from The Miracle Box

  1. Oh yes I have been caught! Went on holiday to Bangkok on the way to Australia….they don't really have ANY changing facilities and the toilets were not exactly clean!! I changed my boy in the middle of the shopping centre in his buggy, trying to be as discreet as possible!

  2. frequently been caught without stuff, we were travelling in France when dd had a bit of an upset stomach needing a complete clothes change not easy in a layby with the hole in the floor type toilets!!!! had to get out the inflatable baby bath and wash her outside thankfully the weather was warm

  3. I was always forgetting to put wipes in my bag, but now they are the first thing I make sure are in there, can't be without them x
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  4. When my boys were babies 25 years ago thee were very few baby changing area so ladies toilets on the counter were the only way. I really hope things have improved for my miracle grandson due in a few weeks. This lovely prize would ensure all essentials were at hand anytime.

  5. Oh yes! We went to a lovely restaurant a few weeks ago and just before we could order dessert our son had a poo. He has bad constipation so sometimes we'd risk trips out and he has never done it before. Needless to say we've learnt from our mistake, lol x

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