Amoralia Nursing Lingerie – Review

Nursing underwear . . . hmmmm. Where to begin?

Throughout my bra wearing career I’ve been very loyal to good old M&S – my first bra came from there and I would say almost every single bra I’ve had since has been M&S.  I trust the quality, I trust the fit.  I almost always get remeasured and fitted each time I buy a new bra.  However when it comes to maternity and nursing underwear I don’t think they are really hitting the mark.

Now I don’t have small breasts by any stretch of the imagination and of course they are even bigger in pregnancy.  I want to feel comfortable and supported.  I hate that I can’t wear wire.  I’ve often felt that my M&S maternity or nursing bras just weren’t doing the supporting me.  In my last pregnancy I didn’t have a specific maternity bra but bought a M&S “total support” bra instead which was much better – but no good for nursing so it was back to the limited choice again for 8 months of feeding. I’m always so pleased to get back to my well fitted wired bra.

This time round I wanted to try something different.  I did some research and was somewhat wowed by the beautiful underwear on!  I was offered the best selling fuller bust bra and matching shorts to review. Now this is not the most beautiful set of underwear but it is the most suited to my shape. It offers great support and coverage without looking frumpy.

Amoralia Nursing bra and shortsOk, I’m not about to post pictures of myself wearing this underwear – nobody needs to see that!  I’m going to show you the beautiful model on the website wearing it instead!

When I first received the underwear I literally gasped at how wonderfully soft it feels. It feels incredible.  You wouldn’t think something so soft and stretchy could possibly provide the support my ample chest needs but it does – there’s enough stretch to accommodate my breasts as their size changes through the course of the day and it’s even comfortable enough to sleep in.  Anyone who has breastfed will tell you how sensitive your breasts can feel and how comfort is absolutely vital!  I wore this Amoralia nursing bra towards the end of my pregnancy and am even more in love with it now I’m feeding Amy.

The clips are easy to undo (and do back up again) with one hand once you get the nack.  The coverage is full, there is no chance of spilling out over the top.  The bra is also seamless – nobody needs seams rubbing on tender nipples I can promise you that!

I’ve always been a bit wary of buying nursing underwear online as I worry about the fit – however the cups are “dual sized” which means that they stretch and adapt to your changing shape.  I was particularly impressed with the 6 row hook & eye closure so that whilst the bra fits on the loosest fastening for me now I’ve got plenty of room to tighten it as a lose a few pregnancy pounds (she says hopefully!)

I haven’t actually been able to wear the shorts yet as I’ve had a section so they would rub on my scar but I can’t wait to be able to try them out!

My only regret is that I didn’t discover 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Ben!  I’m going to have to order this one in black as well I think!

*Disclaimer – I was sent this Amoralia nursing underwear free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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12 thoughts on “Amoralia Nursing Lingerie – Review

  1. oh wow that sounds like a fab bra i feel its always hard to find one for the big busted girls under us!!! defiantly will be checking that one out! i need to buy one soon for blobs arrival in feb!

  2. I think you should have posted the pic with you modelling ;)… just kidding sweet. These look great. I hope you are well and recovering nicely and settling in with your new one!
    I must confess my post-pregnancy underwear was a haphazard, guess-my-size stab in the dark effort. I just bought a MASSIVE bra, which is ridiculous. I'm glad that you are looking after yourself x

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