An A to Z of me, myself and I . . . How vain!

So I was tagged by both Karen from Adventures of a Monkey Footed Mummy and Jo from Not A Frumpy Mum in this nosey little Meme – the idea being to write an A to Z of yourself . . . I’m loving the idea of this but I think it’s going to take me quite a while to write . . .

A – Amy, how could I not write about my beautiful baby girl? Just a month old and she has stolen all our hearts with her cute little face and full head of hair
B – Ben, obviously! My first born. A cheeky little man who Grandad has always said was born at the age of 14
C- Chloe, my little mini me – I’m so proud of the polite, cheeky little girl she is growing up to be.
D- Dave, ok so this is about me not him – but I couldn’t be me without him – we’ve been together pretty much all of our adult lives and I’m very lucky to have him
E – Eggs, I hated them when I was a kid, love them now (especially chocolate ones!)
F – Friends, I am lucky to have a lot of very good friends – I work hard to maintain friendship and to ensure I don’t lose touch with the people I care about.
G – Gigs – I’ve often said the thing I miss most about my “pre mummy” days is live music – there was a stage in my life when I could easily go to three gigs in a week. I’ve seen each of my favourite bands well into double figures
H – Hallinan – I don’t miss having to spell it all the time but I will always be one 😉
I – Internet, I owe some of the most important relationships in my life to the internet – that’s quite a statement isn’t it but its true!
J – Jokes, I’ve always told Dave that we’re in trouble the day he stops making me laugh.  He laughs at me, makes me laugh at myself and generally keeps me entertained (I’ve made him sound like a clown – he’s not)
K – Kit Kats, They will always remind my of my Grandparents and “after afters”
L – Lipstick – I’m well known for my love of make up! Red lipstick makes everything look better!
M – Mulberry, I do love my handbag! I don’t get to use it very often at the moment so aside from being generally gorgeous it also represents my cherished child free time!
N – Nagging, I don’t think I do, he begs to differ
O – Opinionated, Me? Opinionated? Never 😉  I get it from my Dad, he’s never wrong (apparently)
P – Parents, Mine are amazing & I love them to bits.
Q – Quiet, Not a word you would generally associate with this lady!
R – Reading, Dave and I have always been big readers (though I struggle to find the time since having the children) and we are keen to make sure our little people enjoy books too. We started reading Ben a bedtime story at just 5 weeks old and have read to them almost every single night since (and plenty during the day too)
S – Sausage, Dave’s pet name for me 🙂
T – Teacher, I’ve always said being a teacher is more than just my job, it’s what I am. It was all I ever wanted to do when I was little. My priorities have shifted since becoming a Mum but I will always love teaching (just on a part time basis at the moment!)
U – UV paint, Oh the pictures I could show you . . . It was fun.
V – Van, I really enjoy driving my Dad’s vans! Random I know.
W – Wine, I can’t drink the stuff. I “taught” myself to drink it and managed it for a couple of years max before one night out with work where I drank far too much, was very sick – I haven’t been able to drink it since!
X – eXercise, I know it’s cheating but x is pretty hard lol. Exercise is something decidedly lacking in my life beyond pram pushing.
Y – Yellow sunshine – sorely missed right now! We haven’t been abroad on holiday for about 7 years!
Z – Zoo, I do love a good trip to the zoo – especially one with hippos! Hippos are awesome!
There – that has taken me weeks on and off! Hope you found it interesting!

I’m going to tag Gemma from My Mills Baby and Danni from It started with a Squish



  1. December 17, 2013 / 8:37 pm

    Aw how cute! I don't even know where it came from but it stuck & he's called me it for years!

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